I'm not concerned in any of this. All I care about is my tribe, my family. This is a burden, not an honor.
—Vernal, to Cinder Fall

Vernal was a character in RWBY and an antagonist introduced in "Unforeseen Complications". She was a bandit in the Branwen Tribe, and Raven Branwen's decoy for the real Spring Maiden. Her weapons of choice were wind and fire blades combined with a gun.

In "Vault of the Spring Maiden", Vernal was fatally impaled by Cinder Fall who wanted the Spring Maiden's power. She succumbed to her wounds in "Downfall".


Vernal was a young woman with tan-colored skin, short brown hair and icy blue eyes. She had a tattoo of a bird rising from flowers on her left arm. She wore a brown vest over a torn white shirt, with a collar that appears to spike up behind her neck. Vernal wore maroon-colored pants with the right side rolled up to her thigh. She also wore dark brown knee guards that go down to her brown boots.


Vernal was shown to be highly confident, and takes pride in being a member of the Branwen Tribe. She was visibly irritated by Weiss Schnee's comments about her and her fellow bandits. She enjoyed teasing hostages, indicating she possesses a substantial cruel streak. She liked Myrtenaster, for she showed hesitation in giving it up. She only relinquished the weapon at Raven's request, showing she holds her in high regards, like the other tribe members. She was loyal enough to be Raven's decoy, despite the target it put on her back.

As a member of the Branwen Tribe, she had a history of partaking in raids on villages and caravans.

Powers and Abilities

In "The More the Merrier", Vernal displayed her combat ability during her fight against Weiss. She was shown to be intuitive, keeping Weiss on the defensive to prevent her from Summoning.


  • Like many people in the world of Remnant, her name follows the Color Naming Rule. Vernal is something that is occurring in or relating to the springtime.
    • According to Kerry Shawcross, "Vernal" is actually not her real name, but an identity she took on when acting as the decoy Spring Maiden for Raven. Her real name remains unknown.[1]


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