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Vermillion Raddock is the leader of the Hana Guild, first mentioned in "Curious Cats & Friends" and later appearing in "Heists and Holidays!". He serves as a primary antagonist in RWBY: The Grimm Campaign. It is revealed in "When Life Gives You Lemons" that Vermillion is also the associate of an unknown person, and that he came to Kuchinashi under "her" orders.


Vermillion is a tall man, dark skinned man with red hair.

He wears a dark grey pig mask, and a red leather jacket and pants. Further, he wears sleeveless gloves. Vermillion is described as speaking with a deep accent.


Vermillion appears to be a threatening man, shown when he first made an appearance in the Pastel estate with the audience frightened by him. Once Vermillion took over the Hana Guild, he stopped the production of narcotics and instead began dealing with weapons. He also took an interest in the magical artifacts of Kuchinashi, under orders from his master to retrieve them.

He has no qualms with taking people hostage, as he did with Taupe after he began looking into the actions of his undercover agents Razz and Fuchsia.

He later used him to lure Team SAFR to the Hana Guild's main compound in order to steal their magic artifacts for himself. While engaging them and using his Semblance on Pyke Rite, he takes an interest in his Fate's Hand.

He also managed to hire Abigail Pyre, the leader of The Hearth, and convinced her to work for him despite her having a grudge against them. After she killed Lemon, stole her Magic Necklace and hijacked the ship to give him all of the magic artifacts, Vermillion decided to contact the ship himself after she was defeated by Team SAFR and threatened to destroy the ship with them still inside unless they gave him the artifacts. He was also shown to take what Pyke asked him about wanting their Manticore back seriously.

After being driven off by Huntsmen reinforcements sent by Leonardo Lionheart, he swore that he would personally hunt down Team SAFR himself.

Powers and Abilities

Vermillion fights using a 30-foot flail, combining the weapon with his own superhuman strength and reflexes in battle. Furthermore, his Semblance allows him to force a target he touches to share their Semblance with him once their Aura comes into contact with his own. It is described as a feel of the victim's Aura being tugged at.


Color Naming Rule

  • Vermillion is a shade of red.


  • He is likened to the character of Bane from the DC Comics movie, The Dark Knight Rises.


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