Volume 1


Please, stop...
—Velvet, begging Cardin Winchester to stop bullying her

Volume 2

Field Trip

It was just... There were just so many.
—Velvet, to Team RWBY

Volume 3


Most people don't know what it's like on the battlefield. I mean, even experienced fighters can get scared and start seeing things. If it happened to Coco, it can happen to anyone.
—Velvet, to Ruby
She swore she saw Yatsu with her in the forest during the fight with Emerald and Mercury, but he never even made it out of the geyser fields. Stress-induced hallucinations, apparently.
—Velvet to Ruby, about Coco's doubles round fight with Yatsuhashi

RWBY Chibi

Hey, watch the ears! How do you like it, huh? Feel good? You like that?
—Velvet, pulling Jaune Arc's ears
Little bunny foo foo—
—Velvet in an animated musical
Ho ho! No one can oppose me and my manly moustache!
—Velvet, imitating Peter Port
Probably. I hear everything, all the time.
—Velvet, when asked by Ruby if she heard something

RWBY: After the Fall

If she had had a choice—which she apparently didn’t—she would have chosen Coco Adel.
—— Velvet.
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