Remnant features advanced Technology and many different vehicles ranging from land, water and sky. Like all other technology in Remnant, vehicles have also evolved around the mysterious energy propellant known as Dust, such as Combustion Dust, which is used to power Yang Xiao Long's sports motorcycle, Bumblebee.[1]

In terms of transportation, land-based transports include standard motor vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles and trains, as well as non-motor vehicles, such as bicycles. Airborne vehicles include enormous passenger Airships, agile VTOL aircraft known as Bullheads, and hoverboards. However, spaceflight is impossible as Dust loses its power once it leaves the atmosphere.

Vehicles are used for extended travel by most who have access to them in Remnant, though out of necessity, lack of alternatives, or personal preference, people will still travel using methods such as horses or their own two legs.

While not having a proper highway system, the city of Mistral provided a system of elevators so that citizens could freely descend and ascend the vertical landscape of its mountainsides.

Ground Vehicles

Ground vehicles in Remnant are known to range from personal vehicles like cars and motorcycles to public vehicles like trains which are also used for cargo. The technological level ranges from bicycles to hoverboards.

Commercial personal vehicles like cars, motorcycles and bicycles are used inside the safety of Kingdoms. Vale has highways connecting different parts of the city and Argus has a public tram system. Trucks can be used inside the cities and in the wilderness, such as the caravans used by the Wave to move Magic artifacts outside of Kuchinashi.

Trains are used to transport large amounts of cargo or people through dangerous areas. Heavy cargo trains like the Black Cargo Train is wide enough to cover two train tracks. Some trains like the Argus Limited features retractable armor plating and turrets to protect itself against Grimm.

Mobile defense battlesuits such as the Atlesian Paladin-290 are a mobile weapons platform used to protect cities against Grimm.

Name Owner Type Region of Operation
Black Cargo Train Schnee Dust Company Cargo Train Vale
Argus Limited Unknown Secure Passenger train Mistral
Bumblebee Yang Xiao Long Sports Motorcycle Vale
RWBY Vehicles Automobile.jpg
Car Various Automobile Vale
Bicycle Various Bicycle Vale
Atlesian Paladin-290 Atlas Combat mech Atlas
Reese weapon hoverboard.png
Reese's Hoverboard Reese Chloris Transforming Combat Hoverboard Mistral
Argus Streetcar Argus city Public transport Argus
Mistral Train Unknown Passenger train Mistral
HVB Rhino Various Hoverbike Mantle

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Street Vehicles




Given the global abundance of Grimm and the deliberate inaccessibility of major human settlements, aircraft present an appealing choice for transportation due to their speed and relative safety.

Remnant's advanced technology and access to Dust allowed people to create many different airborne vehicles to traverse the world.

These types of vehicles have been used to transport cargo, people and some are used as military vehicles. The Kingdom of Atlas heavily relied on its large fleet of military vehicles until it's destruction.

Due to Dust losing affect when it leaves Remnant's atmosphere, aircrafts are unable to be used for space flight.

Name Owner Type Region of Operation
Bullhead Various Light Tilt Jet Aircraft, Multipurpose Vale
Beacon Airship Beacon Academy Passenger Airship Vale
Atlesian Airship Atlas Military Airship Atlas
Atlesian Dropship Atlas Military Tilt Jet Dropship Atlas
Manta Atlas Military Gunship[2] Atlas
Air Bus Beacon Academy Passenger Airship Vale
Cargo Airship Atlas Pilot Atlas Cargo Airship Atlas
Atlas Police Airship Atlas Military, News Multipurpose Atlas
Winter's Airship Winter Schnee Personal airship Atlas
Schnee Dust Company Freighter Schnee Dust Company Cargo Airship Atlas
Atlas Bullhead Various Light Tilt Jet Aircraft, Multipurpose Atlas
Mistral Airship Mistral Multipurpose Airship Mistral

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World of Remnant

Aquatic Vessels

Aquatic vessels have the fewest on-screen examples of any of the three main archetypes, though they have had the fewest opportunities.

While Airships can travel across sea much faster, ships are still used regularly. Cargo ships are still regularly used to transport cargo and smaller ships take passengers between continents.

While a majority of Grimm seen have been land based, and aerial Grimm tend to congregate over land, aquatic Grimm seem to have the biggest advantage in the area due to Human ships having limited mobility.

Currently, it is unknown if undersea vehicles like Submarines exist in Remnant.

Name Owner Type Region of Operation
1115 The Stray 05217.png
Cargo Ship
Unnamed Cargo Ship Unkown Cargo ship Vale
Ship Captain Passenger ship Menagerie

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