Episode 12 - "Vault of the Spring Maiden"Edit

  1. Continuity - At 3:20, Qrow transforms Harbinger into its scythe form but it was never used in said form during the whole fight, instead, it was seen back in its sword form.
  2. Position - At 6:20, Oscar Pine holds The Long Memory upwards. But in the next shot, the cane is pointed downwards.
  3. Continuity - At 9:47, Ruby Rose turns her attention from Weiss Schnee to Yang Xiao Long's fight with Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai. But at 9:53, her attention is back on Weiss, before switching back to Yang at 10:07.
  4. Credits - At 14:11, Barbara Dunkelman is not credited when Yang spoke in the episode.

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