The Vanille Estate was located in the Kingdom of Vale. It was the childhood home of Neopolitan, and her parents Carmel and Jimmy Vanille.

During a three-way shootout between Spider, the Xiong Family, and Neo and Roman Torchwick, the manor is destroyed when Lil' Miss Malachite sets off Burn Dust hidden away in Neo's bedroom with Jimmy, Carmel, and Hei Xiong being killed by the explosion.


The Vanille Estate was at some point acquired by the Vanille family. When Jimmy Vanille makes a deal with the Xiong Family, he begins to secretly store stolen Burn Dust in Neo's bedroom. They would also commission a painting of their family, but would "correct" Neo's heterochromia by ignoring her pink eye and painting it as brown.

When Trivia Vanille was eight years old, she had a small incident wherein the girl unintentionally shattered an Akaibara vase that the family owned, angering her parents.

Years later, Trivia would drug her teacher, Aurelia, in order to escape the Estate for a bit and go on a thrift joyride.

Eventually, Trivia's parents would install locks on their daughter's room in order to keep her inside when they were off on business. Trivia would try to escape by burning a lock, but would incidentally burn down a part of the estate.

After returning to her home, Trivia – now going by Neo – would find the estate has been fixed. It becomes the site of a war between Spider and Xiong Family, and is destroyed in the process when the Dust in Neo's room is detonated.


The estate housed the Vanille Family. It employed many staff including maids and cooks, which the family simply referred to as servants. Furthermore, a former staff member named Aurelia, a former combat instructor in Patch Combat School, quit after having her drink of tea spiked with sleeping powder and her car stolen by Trivia Vanille for a shoplifting spree.



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