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The Vale Port is a location in Vale that appears in the Volume 1 finale Black and White.


The Vale port is a large area at Vale's shore and consists of multiple warehouses and several container cranes used to move cargo. Most of the area is filled with large cargo containers, a lot of them marked with the Schnee Dust Company logo and carrying Dust.

It is large enough for multiple Bullheads to land and move cargo.


Roman Torchwick and the White Fang used the Vale Harbor to transport his stolen Dust for Cinder Fall's plan.

Blake Belladonna and Sun Wukong came across their plot while trying to see if the White Fang was really involved. Blake and Sun faced off with the White Fang and Roman which alerted Ruby Rose and Penny Polendina. Penny destroyed several Bullheads while Torchwick managed to escape before the Vale Police Department arrived at the harbor.

This event made the authorities as well as Ozpin realize of a villainous plot in Vale.

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