Roman heard sirens in the distance. Vale's finest in blue were on their way.

The Vale Police Department (VPD), also referred to as the Vale Police Force, is the main law enforcement agency in Vale.


Sometime before the events of RWBY: Roman Holiday, the Vale Police was infiltrated by corrupt agents working for the Xiong Family, who used this influence to smooth their information brokering and Dust shipments.

When Trivia Vanille was 12 years old, officers Arad and Cloud came to her aid after dealing with a group of bullies. There, they learn that Vale City Manager Jimmy Vanille had a child. Concerned there may be a situation of abuse, they escort the girl home and try to ask her mother, Carmel Vanille, some questions.

Three years later, when Trivia comes into trouble with the police after she drugs her teacher and goes on a shoplifting spree, Jimmy speaks with the Chief of Police directly and has all the effected businesses reimbursed, doubling the value of the stolen items.

When Roman Torchwick makes his presence first known in the city of Vale to establish his own criminal career, he is "arrested" by incompetent officers Dunn and Matte Looney, who are secretly under the Xiong's employ. They take him to meet Hei Xiong and are knocked unconscious due to eating doughnuts from Roman laced with sedatives.

Later, Neopolitan repeats Roman's actions to obtain an audience with her honorary-uncle. During a battle at the Vanille Estate, the Vale News Network is provided a data drive's worth of information to expose Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy For Girls' involvement with Spider. In response, the police forced the school's closure and Spider retreated to Mistral. Following Hei Xiong's death in the gang war, the Xiong Family began losing its influence over the Vale Police Department.

They were in pursuit of criminal Roman as part of an open investigation into a string of dust robberies, as well as a number of other unspecified criminal charges.

In Roman's plan, he had set up positions that either evaded or confronted the police force across the city. During a failed Dust robbery due to the efforts of Ruby Rose, Junior Xiong stated that the Henchmen Roman hired from him to help were never seen again. This implies that they were arrested by the Vale Police Department after Roman escaped. It is unknown if the Department has jurisdiction of the city or the province.

Two Vale Police Force detectives are seen in "The Stray", investigating the robbery of a Dust shop, the second in the week, presuming the White Fang were responsible. The two detectives are later seen chasing Sun Wukong after ordering him off of a lamp post.

In "Search and Destroy", Sun announces that his team is going to be shadowing a detective at the Vale Police Department for Team SSSN's training mission, and that they will receive "Junior Detective" badges. Sun and Neptune Vasilias arrive on the scene during "Breach", badges on full display, but do not otherwise contribute to the fight.

Following the Fall of Beacon, the Kingdom's council placed a ban on air traffic while attempts at apprehending Adam Taurus by the police were met with fierce resistance.


  • The two detectives shown in "The Stray", voiced by Burnie Burns and Joel Heyman, are references to Rooster Teeth Shorts,[1][2] in which the two actors play similar roles. Apart from their voice actors, they also share similar mannerisms, such as nonchalantly waving firearms around. They are also dressed similarly to the way the two actors were dressed during the Shorts.
  • On Roman's map of Vale, there is an area marked "cops" and another area marked "dumb cops".

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