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The Vale Airship (unofficial) is the aerial transportation vehicle used in the Kingdom of Vale. They are first seen in "Ruby Rose", in which they are used to transport students to Beacon Academy.

They are also seen in "Welcome to Beacon", flying above Vale.


This particular model of Airship is used for transporting passengers. They are very slow-moving and each ship has four huge, moving 'wings' that most likely cannot support aerodynamic lift by themselves. Instead, given the similarity of the wings' motions to those of turtle flippers, they may be part of the steering system.

In a design similar to a cruise ship, the stairs near the wings are used for boarding and lead up to the main part of the ship. Airships are also seen with three clusters of three glowing nozzles each at the back, with another two below. It is highly probable that these are the primary propulsion system and that they are powered by Dust.

In the 2018 manga, the airship's design is very different compared from the show.

Accommodation and Facilities

Airship Cabin

Airships are shown to have a single viewing gallery, approximately 12 feet across, which runs along the bottom of the hull with four semicircular windows, mounted at a downward oblique angle, on each side. The windows also seem to have holographic projectors which can be used to show commercial media broadcasts, such as Vale News Network broadcasts, or pre-recorded information presentations.

From the opening, it is shown that there is also an open-to-air observation deck at the upper front of the hull. This deck is immediately in front of a set of viewing windows, but it is not clear if it serves as the piloting compartment or part of the passenger facilities.

Airships dock at pier-like skyports and have a downward-hinged exit ramp that mates directly onto the pier structure, allowing passengers to disembark directly onto land.

Docking Procedure

When docking at a skyport, an Airship's wings fold down, and it flies alongside the pier before slowly moving sideways until its exit ramp is aligned with the pier. There do not seem to be any visible mooring ropes or ground crews, implying the crew members have a high degree of control over the vehicle's movements, comparable to that of a helicopter. It may also suggest that the Airship has a highly advanced, automated docking system.

Map Projector

In RWBY: Ice Queendom, the Airship has a map projector inside the Airship Cabin.

Locker room

Weapon Locker Room

In RWBY: Ice Queendom, similar to Beacon Academy's Locker Room, the Airship includes a weapon locker room for first years to store their weapons and armors.


  • For unknown reasons, the Airship does not appear at all in Volume 3, apparently being supplanted by the Air Bus.