Well, school's definitely out. Let's see if we can't all learn a little something.

Welcome to the world of Remnant. Not the best place to live, but depending on where you're staying, it can get a little easier.

You've got towns and villages that pop up as fast as they fall. The Faunus have Menagerie. But the sweet spots are Vale, Mistral, Atlas, and Vacuo. The four kingdoms of the modern era, and each one's special in its own little way.

Let's talk about Vale. In the grand scheme of things, Vale's pretty well guarded. Rests on the northeastern end of the world's largest continent, Sanus. Like most successful kingdoms, Vale's survival over the years can mostly be attributed to prime real estate.

Its front is protected by steep mountains, and its back is against waters too shallow for any real threat to pop out of. Not to say I haven't heard some crazy fish stories.

Aside from the main city, which the kingdom's named after, the Vale territory also extends to several neighbouring cities farther along the northwest coastline, as well as a small island named Patch. Nice place to raise a family, if you're into that sort of thing.

Of course, all attempts to extend the kingdom's reach past the mountains and farther into the mainland have been colossal failures.

But, like I said, in the grand scheme of things, Vale ain't half bad. Regular climate, natural barriers, and some serious border defenses means [sic] the citizens of Vale can spend less time worrying about survival and more time just living their lives.

Of course, with the fall of Beacon, everyone's a little more worried these days.

And they should be.

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