Now I'm going to talk about the similarly designed ship seen in V4E12, "No Safe Haven" that Yang sails to an unnamed port in western Anima as part of her search for Raven. We don't know if Yang boarded this ship in Patch, in Vale, or if she rode Bumblebee across Eastern Sanus to a small port.

At first glance this ship looks the same as the Pride-class ship, but it's not. A very similar design, but it's smaller. There is no top deck with a bridge, there are eight large windows along the lower hull instead of ten, and it looks like there is no battery of side guns. It's possible that this ship travels only through waters that are so regularly travelled that protection from the Grimm is handled by naval forces of the Kingdoms, and other than a retractable light cannon in the bow no armaments are needed.

Also, unlike her larger sister, this ship has a paddle-wheel instead of a screw-propeller.

Because of the few views we get of the ship, it's not easy to get an idea of the size. If the cabin windows are the same size as on her larger sister, then the small Pride-class ship is around 256 ft long, with the second deck superstructure about 120 ft long. We don't have a overhead view, but if the hull has the same length to width ratio then it's around 40 ft wide.

The front of the main deck would contain the bridge. Along with the ships' internal staircase, there isn't much room for much else on the main deck, perhaps a small lounge facing aft. The ship's dining facilities must be below deck, meaning that either the number of cabins is reduced, the dining facilities are more like a snack bar, or the ship travels routes that are short enough that full food and cabins aren't needed.

V4 12 00057
As with the Pride class, the lowest deck would house the engine room, cargo and fuel storage. Cargo may actually not exist, as Yang's bike is stored on deck.
V4 12 00068
Interestingly, the captain and first mate of this small Pride-class ship are the same as on the Pride-class we saw earlier. I'm guessing that as the Pride-class ship ran aground while fighting the Sea Feilong, it suffered hull damage. Not serious damage, but enough that it likely had to be patched up when it reached Menagerie. It may be that when the ship returned north, it was decided to put the Pride-class in drydock, and the crew was scattered to other ships in the fleet, with the Captain & First mate both choosing or being assigned to this small Pride class ship
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