EDIT: My second video, Every Time "Forever Fall" Music is in RWBY V1-6, is now live! As it turns out, the person who reviewed the copyright claim let it go through, but the way the wording looked, it appeared as if my dispute wasn't accepted. So it's live! It's an earlier version, so there's some things I changed to make it better that aren't in this, but it is the fullest, completest account of the leitmotif in video form that I can possibly have, and I am so glad this is over.

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I decided to make this video second because it is so, so much quicker to do than RWBY's Visual Evolution, and it's another video that somehow hasn't been made by anyone else yet - at least as far as I know from scrolling through a bunch of searches as I looked for said video. All I did was put captions of the song in to where they match up with the leitmotif.
Forever Fall compilation concept

Big thanks to anyone who has touched the Leitmotifs pages on this wiki. I wouldn't have been able to make this if "Jaune and Pyrrha's Theme" wasn't cataloged every time it was used.

(And no, technically, my video doesn't have every use of the theme in the show, but some of them are rather hard to distinguish or just so darn short of a use.)

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