2DRVE Ship Approaches

My next video is a "part 2" to RWBY's Visual Evolution. This one will only focus on how/why 2D assets are used. Out of everything I put into the video, the coolest, to me, is a parallel that every time the heroes approach a new setting for an arc (Beacon Academy, Mistral, Atlas), the exact same shot composition is used. A 3D airship flies in from the left toward a 2D asset of the location. (The thing to the right was uploaded as a video clip but appears to be a low-res image. whoops.)

The video will look at:

  • 2D character models (like V1's Emerald and Mercury)
  • 2D environments (like V6's matte paintings plus, well, the image up there^)
  • 2D effects (like V1Ep2's Ruby Chibi)
  • And what I call 2D narrations (the 2D-animated flashbacks like V2Ep6's Yang/Blake talk of Yang searching for her mom as a kid.)

The video will be a lot shorter than the first one since it's only going over one small aspect of the show, but it's still cool to see these things side-by-side. It's not out yet, but I'll put a link to it when it's done in the next couple days.

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