• ChishioKunrin

    Volume 7 Bingo

    July 10, 2019 by ChishioKunrin

    Finally got off my butt and made my Bingo card for Volume 7. It was kinda hard to figure out what I wanted to put on it, so I ended up just throwing things at it just to fill up the 24 squares. Basically, it's a mix of hopes, predictions, and cynicism. It's always so hard to figure out how I want to arrange everything.

    I'm hoping Watts will actually do something since he's been assigned to go to Atlas, after being so passive for the past few volumes.

    Still waiting for that Cheshire Cat character that Gray was so nervous about.

    Pleeeease, Dust stuff. We're in Atlas, we deserve some confirmations and clarifications about Dust.

    "Whitley does little to nothing" is a bit of cynicism.

    "Winter Maiden is fine; Ironwood knows where she is" is just an id…

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  • ChishioKunrin

    In light of the increasing frequency of shipping discourse, I've made a warning announcement thread, but it seems that Fandom has removed the Highlight Thread function. Please see the linked thread and keep in mind the civil behavior rule. Remember, the rule applies to RWBY's crew as well as fellow wiki users.

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  • ChishioKunrin

    Sooo, the Volume 6 trailer came out, as everyone's aware.

    Starting out, we have some gorgeous scenery. Honestly, I have to say, I really appreciate the environments that CRWBY creates, especially the designs that the concept artists make for the building interiors. Everything is just so beautiful. As soon as the trailer started, I was wowed by the environment shots in Anima's tundra. It's like something you'd see in a video game trailer. Fantastic!

    I haven't quite been this in awe since the part in Volume 5 where Vernal walks up to the Haven vault's portal door, with the tree with glowing flowers and such. I had a screenshot of that part as my laptop's lock screen for the longest time.

    Anyway! Moving on.

    So then, we've got RWBYQO walking throu…

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  • ChishioKunrin

    Volume 6 Bingo

    June 10, 2018 by ChishioKunrin

    I finally got around to doing up a bingo card for Volume 6. It got kinda hard to figure out which boxes I wanted to put some of them in. This is pretty much a mix of things that I think will happen and want to happen.

    Yes, I think Henry Marigold will appear. Miles and Kerry have actually made a habit of introducing or mentioning characters before they're relevant (most of the time). I feel like Henry is no exception, especially since he has an actual full name right off the bat (unlike Shady Man -> Shay D Mann).

    Feel free to post yours in the comments.

    For over a month now, I've been thinking about making a different Bingo card in case Volume 6 is actually about their journey to Atlas instead of skipping to them being in Atlas (I'm not sure w…

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  • ChishioKunrin

    Hey, guys, I got the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle beta, and I figured I'd take some screenshots 'cause why not. I'm having fun with the game, and I'm thinking I might get the full game when it comes out, if I have the money to do so. After all, for me, Kingdom Hearts 3 takes priority, and I'm also wanting the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

    First up, the RWBY-themed color palettes you can get in the item shop. All of the RWBY-themed color palettes are Color No.12.

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