This is a place where I put all my changes and ideas to RWBY’s lore and characters. Do keep in mind that I respect the original work. Just think of this as my own little fanfiction universe and not actually what I think would be canonically better.



Lemme just start this off by saying that I love the Grimm. I think the concept of shadowy monsters that can look like animals or mythical creatures is really cool. It gives the Grimm a lot of variety when it comes to different types/species. But this version of Grimm is *just* a little different.

Firstly, this version of Grimm does NOT die in captivity. Like at all. The reason why I removed this is because that we’ve seen captured Grimm before in the show (and also in the Grimm Eclipse game) and they did not die. Even though WoR could’ve just explained it poorly and that it takes a little while for Grimm to kick the bucket, it’s still just that: poorly explained. For all we know it could’ve even been retconned, so it’s best to just throw that away altogether.

Second, while Grimm can still sense negativity in this rewrite, they are also in fact fully capable of seeing, hearing and smelling nearby prey like any wild animal. And now while in addition to sensing nearby negative emotions, Grimm can now also *feed* off of them to grow stronger and more resilient if their victims are in visual range, thus making them more of an actual threat.

Thirdly, while Grimm still turn into smoke when they die, they *do* have a chance of leaving behind some of their bone plates or internal pieces of flesh. And no, people do not make taxidermic recreations of them, because that makes absolutely no sense. :)

And fourthly, Grimm will also attack animals now, in addition to humans, faunus and their creations. The presence of nearby Grimm has even been known to automatically cause a sense of fear to normal animals, which can even affect Faunus, though not as drastically.

When Grimm get old, they get bigger and become Elder Grimm, which are stronger AND smarter than their normal counterparts. However even Elders can die from age, and when they finally waste away, they melt into a black pool known as a Cauldron, where newborn Grimm will spawn from. When they’re about to melt, dying Elder Grimm will usually go to dark and secluded places with very little humans around, so that new Grimm can spawn without anyone bothering in danger of bothering them.

Grimm are now also regionalized. Certain types of Grimm can only be found on one continent, while others can be found on *multiple* different landmasses, like Beowolves. There can also be unique Grimm that are a one of a kind, aka a certain Grimm that isn’t really a species but rather a single one, such as the Nuckelavee, which in this setting is actually a naturally-spawning Grimm rather than a fusion.

Grimm are by far at their most dangerous and most active during moonless nights, where they become stronger, faster, smarter and more resilient, and will be able to detect negativity at a longer range. During moonless nights, Cauldrons will also spawn Grimm more frequently. But while Grimm do become more powerful under a new moon, they also gain a vulnerability to things like fire, which is why most people will stick to incendiary weapons when going out on a night of a new moon. During a *full moon* night however, it’s the exact opposite. Under a full moon, the Grimm are at their weakest, and most of them will hunker down in their dens or nests or otherwise be largely in hiding from any possible threats.

I actually had this idea where Grimm actually take pleasure in the death and destruction they cause, but that’s going too far isn’t it? Anyway moving on.

Changes to specific Grimm species

Silver Eyes

Silver Eyes, ohhh man the Silver Eyes. Let’s take a crack at revising this.

First off, Silver Eyes is an Aura-independent power that can ONLY burn/vaporize Grimm, but it isn’t just a flashlight anymore, it has another functionality: it also acts as a sort of Super Saiyan mode that can greatly enhance the user’s physical capabilities, but as a cost, this can drain the user’s stamina, and the physical enhancement technique can’t be used again for a short amount of time.

In this version, Silver Eyes are NOT fueled by the user’s desire to protect others. Instead they can be unintentionally activated when the user experiences an intense amount of stress or mental turmoil. They also can’t just affect Grimm anymore, but anyone within range. However Silver Eyes, with enough time and training, can be activated at will and will only harm those the user INTENDS to harm.

Silver Eyes are also tied to the moon, meaning they are at their strongest under a full moon, but under a new moon...they don’t work at all. >:)

There are also a couple limitations to Silver Eyes, such as if a SEW uses their Silver Eyes too much, they may go either temporarily or permanently blind. Another such drawback is that the user has a chance to go into a sort of mindless berserk state under an intense amount of stress during a Grimm attack, causing them to go out and mercilessly attack any Grimm they can possibly find before automatically passing out.

It is recommended that if fighting a SEW, you must blind them before killing them. Blinding them not only nullifies their powers, but also prevents the user from automatically unleashing one POWERFUL eye blast the moment they are killed, destroying everything in the area.

Aura & Semblances

Might as well get back to these rewrites. Anyway, Aura is basically pretty much the same as in canon, only that, initially, Aura has to be ACTIVATED in order to work, but with enough time and training to harness it, Aura can be passively active, or ALWAYS active, to be more clear.

Another addition i’m going to make is that Aura can be channeled into a user’s weapon, to allow it to transform and do other stuff that isn’t possible in the real world. While also making it more durable and more powerful.

And a third thing: i’m removing Aura’s ability to protect the user from the cold, since that’s literally just so the ones running this show don’t have to make the characters put on some winter gear. Also, when Aura is damaged, it will flicker, but when it is fully depleted, it has a visual shattering effect. Just wanted to clear that up.

Aura also works an enhancer. It can amplify certain physical/athletic capabilities of its wielder (strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, etc) depending on their choice of weapon and fighting style. People also have a certain amount of Aura depending on how strong-willed they are, for example, a strong-willed person has a very high level of Aura while a more weak-willed person has a low level of Aura. If a person should ever change their weapon of choice and/or fighting style, the enhanced attributes granted to them by Aura will change with them.

Semblances are ALSO the same as in canon, only now they’re in different types, which i’m still coming up with.


There are several different types of Dust in this rewrite, and each one of them can be found growing in different environments:

Fire Dust, which is red and orange in color, can be found in hot environments, such as deserts, near volcanoes, and in hot springs. It is also the most volatile of all the Dust types.

Water Dust, which is blue, can be found near or in any body of water.

Earth Dust, which is brown, can be found in pretty much any geological formation, and deep underground.

Ice Dust, which is light blue, can be found in cold environments, like tundras and arctic wastelands, also in frigid waters.

Wind Dust, which is silver, can only be found in very high altitudes.

The yellow Lightning Dust only grows where lightning has struck or where thunderstorms have occurred. Fire Dust can also transform into Lightning Dust when exposed to high levels of electricity.

There is also Plant Dust, green in color, which grows in forested areas and grasslands.

I’m also adding three new types:

Energy Dust, which is pink in color, can be found pretty much anywhere.

Dark Dust, black in color, can only be found in dark places such as caves.

And then there’s Light Dust, which is an Ivory white color, and can be found in caves as well.

Two forms of Dust can also grow in the same area. When two different Dust crystals of two different elements are near one another, they will naturally move toward each other and fuse into a new Dust type. Certain types of artificial Dust are also created, such as Hard-Light or Gravity Dust.


One thing i’m changing about the Maidens is their elemental powers. I know that Maidens can use whatever elements they want and all, but some of their chosen elements just don’t fit their title (like how Cinder, the *Fall* Maiden, used ice), also, I don’t give a shit. :)

For example, the Spring Maiden is now only limited to control over earth and plant life. The Summer Maiden can control fire, heat and water. The Fall Maiden can control wind and the weather, and the Winter Maiden has control over ice, cold air and snow.

The way Maiden powers transfer is also different. When the previous Maiden dies, the powers will randomly go to a person - any person - that the previous holder had an emotional connection towards. However this is not always the case, as the power can also go to a person of the previous Maiden’s choosing. How they choose who gets their power is likely based on thoughts/feelings.

Maidens also have the ability to influence the minds of most species of Grimm, easily bringing them under their total control. Maidens can ALSO create and control Dust crystals, however only certain kinds. For example the Spring Maiden can generate and manipulate Earth and Plant Dust, Summer can control Fire, Light and Water Dust, Fall can control Wind and Lightning, and Winter controls Ice Dust.

Certain members of Salem’s Faction have developed the ability to forcefully absorb a Maiden’s powers, through largely unknown means.

Other forms of magic

Kingdoms, Settlements & The World


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