It may be safer in the Kingdoms, but we prefer our way of life.

The unnamed village is a settlement on the continent of Anima that appeared in the episode "The Next Step" and is neighbored by Shion village.


The people of the village are proud of their way of life. Notable buildings include an inn and blacksmith. The village is surrounded by a forest and distant mountains.

Due to its remoteness, signal strength was weak in the village even before the collapse of Beacon Tower and the failure of the Cross Continental Transmit System.


The village official thanks Ruby and Team RNJR for defeating the Geist

Weeks before the arrival of Team RNJR, the village was plagued by a Geist. Thanks to RNJR's actions, the Grimm was killed, saving the settlement from further harassment. The village official is grateful for their efforts, only wishing he could give them more. While Ruby Rose offers to escort the villagers to the safety of the Kingdom of Mistral, the official declines, saying that not only would the journey be too long for many to survive, but that they prefer their own way of life.

As payment for defeating the Geist, the local blacksmith crafts Jaune Arc a new suit of armor and upgrades his sword and shield. After Jaune outfits his new equipment, Team RNJR move on to the next village, Shion.


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