Ruby, we saw smoke!
Jaune Arc contacting Ruby

The Unnamed Village is a settlement located on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Vale.[1]


The village is fairly large in size. The local architecture suggests that the settlement has been established for quite some time. Some of the clearly visible buildings include a church and an apothecary.

The village itself is surrounded by rolling plains and mountains.


After the fall of Beacon Academy and the loss of the Cross Continental Transmit System, it is likely that the village came on hard times with the Grimm, unable to call for help. By the time of the "Volume 4 Character Short", the town is completely besieged, with fires burning in multiple parts of the village.

Ruby Rose happens to come across the village and fights off as many of the Grimm as she can, including a Beringel. She continues to battle the Grimm until the rest of Team RNJR arrives to assist her.

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