The unnamed port is a settlement on the continent of Anima that appeared in the episode "No Safe Haven".


This small settlement is located on the shore of the ocean, surrounded by hills. In addition to a large dock, there is a windmill next to the harbor.


The ship that takes Yang Xiao Long to Anima in search of Ruby Rose docked at this port. Yang got off and drove into the countryside on Bumblebee, looking for the bandit tribe led by her mother Raven Branwen.


No clue has been given as to exactly where this port is located. However, based on the size and shape of Anima it is likely that this port is on the western coast. The large southern, eastern and northeastern peninsulas of Anima would make for a very long voyage for the ship if it was on the eastern coast, and it would be faster to simply drive across the continent from the west.

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