Umber Gorgoneion is a character from RWBY: Before the Dawn. She was a student hailing from Shade Academy who was assigned to Team FNDU after Professor Theodore shuffled teams. She was later revealed to be a secret agent of The Crown.


Umber is described as being a young woman, fashioning her hair into dreads and wearing dark mirrored glasses to prevent her Semblance from going haywire.


Umber has a cool and nonchalant personality. She is also eager for a challenge, prompting a battle with Theodore, and is shown to have some attraction towards him as shown when she blushed when he high fives her. She is also one to go to parties, frequenting The Mirage often.

However, she does not take well to advances by others, as shown by when she freezes the Mirage's announcer after he makes a suggestive remark towards her or when Yatsuhashi Daichi grabs her wrist. Umber also sees little issues with killing, joining the Crown for her own gain and having no guilt over leading classmates and victims to their deaths at the hands of Carmine Esclados.

Powers and Abilities

Umber's weapon of choice is a series of whips. She can throw numerous whips at an opponent in order to restrain them, which Fox Alistair likens to a spider covering its prey with webs. She is also a skilled cage fighter, being able to hold her own in unarmed combat.


Umber’s Semblance, Stone Glance, allows her to put people into a temporary rigor mortis-like state through a paralysis stare. She is unable to control it, and has to wear thick, mirrored glasses to prevent herself from paralyzing everyone around her. It also requires her to maintain eye contact with her target, meaning that she cannot use it on multiple targets. Forcing her to change targets will release her previous victim, and she cannot use her Semblance on someone who is blind.


Prior to the start of the novel, Umber had enrolled into Shade Academy to become a Huntress. She found herself aligned with The Crown some time after that, aiding them in identifying new targets.

During Theodore's announcement of Shade's re-initiation, Umber accepts his challenge to a fight over a seat as Headmaster, though her chance is prevented by Xanthe Rumpole who impedes a battle. Umber flushes as Theodore commends her for her bravery. Following the team shuffling, Umber is placed in Team FNDU.

She is later seen when Velvet Scarlatina and Sun Wukong enter the Mirage, in which she uses her Semblance to defeat Tayet Aldahahab in a cage match. After this, the announcer makes a suggestive remark towards Umber, who nearly retaliates in annoyance. Velvet offers to fight next as Umber questions if she followed her there. Sun intervenes displaying his Semblance in the process, before trying to back out as the crowd surrounds them. When Yatsuhashi and Neptune Vasilias arrive at the nightclub, the former sees her in a bar. Umber is surprised to see Yatsuhashi at the Mirage, and realizes he's after the Crown after he attempts to remove the mind control on her.

However, Umber had joined willingly, and as such had committed crimes by her own accord. She reveals her true colors to Yatsuhashi, having aided in placing Velvet and Sun under mind-control. Umber freezes Yatsuhashi allowing security to force him into the cage against Sun. Using his Semblance again Yatsuhashi manages to free Sun and get him to the others. With his Aura badly drained Carmine is able to slash at him, injuring the boy and knocking him out in one strike. As he fades Umber comments how this is the third person Carmine's killed in the Mirage that week.

Later when Yatsuhashi breaks free and tries attacking Jax Asturias, she uses her Semblance once again. Maintaining the effect until Jax succeeds in placing the boy under his influence. Afterword she makes a call on her Scroll letting the twins communicate. Jax manages to convince Gillian they need to make their move before the Huntsmen can organize proper defenses.

Umber participates in the Battle of Shade, helping Yatsuhashi carry Jax's palanquin. Later in the conflict she battles Nolan Porfirio and Fox Alistair. Upon the Crown's defeat, she is incarcerated in Vacuo.



  • Umber likely alludes to the character of Medusa, one of the three Gorgons in Greek mythology.
    • “Gorgon” is in reference to Medusa.
    • Her Semblance resembles Medusa's petrification stare.
    • Her dreads possibly represent Medusa's snake hair.
    • Her whips might also allude to Medusa's snake theme.

Color Naming Rule

  • “Umber” is a shade of reddish-brown.


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