Volume 4Edit

The Next StepEdit

If I were you, I'd hunt her down. Find her and, well, she took your eye, didn't she?
—Tyrian, to Cinder Fall, about Ruby Rose
Eye for an eye.
—Tyrian, to Cinder, after the meeting


Excuse me. I was hoping you could... help me find someone.
—Tyrian, to the Higanbana Waitress

Tipping PointEdit

The rose has thorns!
—Tyrian, to Ruby


Why, friend, my name is Tyrian. And I'm afraid that is not possible. My assignment from Her Grace was to retrieve this young girl. So, that is what I must do. One does not upset the Queen.
—Tyrian, to Qrow Branwen
You bitch!
—Tyrian, to Ruby after his tail is cut off
She'll forgive you.
—Tyrian, to himself about Salem

Taking ControlEdit

But-but hope is not lost! My tail, my stinger... I-I poisoned him, Qrow! He would not be a nuisance to you any longer, no... no longer! Have I done well? Have I pleased you?
—Tyrian, to Salem

Volume 6Edit

So That's How It IsEdit

Welcome back, welcome back! I do hope you missed us as much as we missed you.
—Tyrian, greeting Hazel, Mercury and Emerald at the Land of Darkness entrance
Speaking of which, where is our Fall Maiden?
—Tyrian, asking about Cinder
Don't tell me something happened to her?
—Tyrian, about Cinder
Careful, little girl. Cinder isn't here to protect you anymore.
—Tyrian, to Emerald
Oh, don't misunderstand, I am in mourning just as you. Because it appears you've failed our Queen, and that is a tragedy.
—Tyrian, to Mercury and Emerald with "pity"
Are you questioning our divine savior?!
—Tyrian, to Watts
Not if I can help it.
—Tyrian, when Hazel informs about the Relic of Knowledge taken to Atlas
So soon?
—Tyrian, finding out about Ozpin


All you ever learned was pain and violence, and now you're too afraid to leave it. Such a tragedy.
—Tyrian, to Mercury
Children, please... If you're not loving what you're doing, then you're in the wrong field.
—Tyrian, to Mercury and Emerald
To say farewell. There's been a change in plans. Her Grace must act swiftly if we are to prevail. If General Ironwood comes to his senses and calls upon aid from Vacuo, all may be lost for us! And so the good doctor and I are being sent to Atlas... to prepare.
—Tyrian, to Emerald and Mercury about the plan to go to Atlas with Watts
Do what makes you happy children... please? I'm begging you...
—Tyrian, to Emerald and Mercury

RWBY: Amity ArenaEdit

Heeheeheehee! Surprise!
—Tyrian, upon being deployed

About TyrianEdit

I don't know, this guy's weird.
—Ruby, to Qrow
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