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Tyrian is one of Salem's associates. His early life and how he came to join the group are unknown.


Tyrian had been assigned to hunt down the Spring Maiden for some time. However, after the Fall of Beacon, he was recalled by Salem to attend a meeting which was also attended by Hazel Rainart, Doctor Arthur Watts, Cinder Fall and Salem herself.

At the meeting, Tyrian is reassigned by Salem to hunt down Ruby Rose in retaliation for her badly wounding Cinder atop Beacon Tower. Tyrian expresses glee at this prospect until he is informed that he is to capture her alive and bring her to his "goddess". Despite his initial disappointment, he willingly agrees to follow the order. He turns to Cinder and assures her that he will take one of Ruby's eyes as a form of retribution against her.

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Hunting Ruby RoseEdit

V4 06 00052

Tyrian, fighting Ruby

Tyrian arrives at Higanbana and asks the waitress for help in his search for Ruby. Later, he pursues Ruby and her group to Oniyuri and attacks them. It is revealed during the fight that he is a scorpion Faunus. When questioned about his motives for attacking them, he speaks cryptically, saying that he has an interest in Jaune Arc and that he only matters to Ruby. He overwhelms Team RNJR rather easily and knocks Ruby to the ground. However, before he can strike her with his stinger, Qrow Branwen intervenes. After some small talk with Qrow, a fierce battle ensues between Tyrian and his opponents. It ends when Tyrian wounds Qrow with his stinger, which Ruby immediately dismembers. Unable to continue the fight due to his injury, he flees.

When he returns to Salem, he tells her that he failed to capture Ruby and grovels before her. He begs for forgiveness and tells her that he managed to poison Qrow, but she coldly remarks that she is disappointed and walks away. This causes Tyrian to break down in tears. He takes out his despair on a nearby Beowolf, pinning it down and repeatedly stabbing it with his blades as his cries turn into maniacal laughter.

After Salem learns of Qrow's well being, she has Cinder send Tyrian to her conference room.

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Attack on HavenEdit

After Qrow is unable to find any Huntsmen to raid the Branwen Tribe, Cinder tells him Tyrian and Hazel are responsible for killing them after Professor Lionheart gave information to Salem.

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After HavenEdit

V6 04 00016

Tyrian warns Emerald despite being threatened for mocking Cinder.

Sometime after Tyrian's return to Salem, Watts returns and gives him a temporary metallic cap for his tail.

Following the failed attack on Haven Academy, Tyrian greets Hazel, Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black upon their return. He also takes the time to taunt the trio about Cinder's supposed death and points out that Emerald should be careful with what she says, as Cinder is not around to defend her. He listens as Hazel explains their failure, and Salem's rage knocks the table into him, knocking him over. Tyrian berates Watts when the latter questions how Salem knew Cinder was alive. He is initially shocked when Hazel reveals Ozpin has already reincarnated, and he later retreats from the meeting room to avoid Salem's wrath.

V6 09 00011

Tyrian, with his new tail

Some time later, Tyrian is given a new prosthetic tail with a stinger that can store venom. He then comes across Emerald and Mercury in the midst of their argument, mocking the latter for only knowing pain and violence and being afraid to leave that life behind. Tyrian then counters and knocks Mercury on the floor, and then jumps on him ready to sting him. He mocks the pair for not loving what they are doing, but denies giving the notion that they should just leave. Tyrian then shares that he and Watts have been commanded by Salem to head for Atlas. He does not disclose the reason why and leaves the pair when the doctor calls for him, once again mocking them to do what makes them happy.

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In MantleEdit

V7 02 00076

Tyrian, after he murdered his latest victim in Mantle.

When Tyrian arrives in Mantle with Watts, he solely infiltrates an unknown building and secretly communicates with Watts, who berates the Faunus that finding a hideout will draw skepticism and discovery from their enemies. Tyrian expresses his concerns about being seen and recognized to Watts right before he was told that they will stay mobile. He even states that they're walking around in Mantle with thousands of people. Watts explains that the cyber security code in Mantle hasn't been updated unlike Atlas, to which Tyrian agrees and states how useful it sounded.

As Watts discreetly hacks the security cameras in Mantle, Tyrian kills someone inside the building, leaves with his satisfied look, and comments about their talents before walking away from the scene of his own murder.

Later, Tyrian ambushes a bystander named Forest and murders him with his prosthetic stinger.

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