Tukson's Book Trade, home to every book under the sun.
—The store's catchphrase

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Tukson's Book Trade is a bookstore that was owned by Tukson before his death. It is located in the city of Vale and is first seen in "Best Day Ever". The shop's catchphrase is "Home to every book under the sun", though this is later revealed to be untrue.


Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black enter the small shop at the beginning of the first episode of Volume 2, "Best Day Ever". They ask the owner, Tukson, about the stock and availability of certain books.

Upon finding out the store doesn't really hold "all the books under the sun", specifically missing a book named The Third Crusade, Mercury and Emerald both become more serious, and start confronting Tukson on how he was going to vanish, abandoning the White Fang by moving to Vacuo.

Tukson and Emerald continue exchanging words, before she flatly asks, "Are you going to fight back?" to which he screams "YES!" Tukson lunges forward, misses his strike against Emerald, and falls right into Mercury, who both kicks and shoots him in the face with Talaria, killing him. Mercury and Emerald are then seen casually leaving the shop. It is unknown what happened to the property afterwards.


The store's windows and name clearly state it is a book store. Upon entering, there are many books, lining the shelves in an organized fashion. Comics remain at the front, with novels in the middle and back. There is a back room, which is presumably an office, and the three windows of the shop can be dimmed to be made opaque, so nothing can see through them.

Specific books mentioned include The Thief and the Butcher and Violet's Garden (in hardback and paperback), as well as copies of the X-Ray & Vav comic book. However, The Third Crusade is conspicuously absent.


The address on a piece of paper

  • The piece of paper held up by Emerald indicates that the address of Tukson's Book Trade is 282, 27th Street. The shopfront also has the number 282 displayed next to the store's name.
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