Keep dreaming 'bout a better world
You keep wishing for some clarity
Always hoping that a lighting bolt
Is gonna save you from this gravity

You're holding out for some romantic life
Maybe you'll wake up in a world of charm
Oh, but what's here can set you free

You don't have to dream!
Your life's a masterpiece
If you just believe!
Then all you see is all you need
Right now your hopes are shattered
Just pointless ever after
But in time you'll find through love your power just shines

When you don't know where to turn to
And you're sure all hope is gone
When the day you waited for won't come
And dark won't yield to dawn
Trust love!

Open up your eyes
Trust love!
The truth is there but sometimes in disguise

The way's uncertain but we're together
Moving toward the light
When we trust in love and open up our eyes[1]

Trivia Edit

  • "Trust Love" had an alternate working title, "Open Up Our Eyes".[2]


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