Episode 10 - "True Colors"

  1. Model - When Raven walks up to Lionheart's desk, her sword is missing.
  2. Model - When Sun and Ilia fight, Blake is nowhere to be seen. This was later fixed by adding a scene of her running away.
  3. Model - At 10:46, Corsac runs toward Ghira and the cord for his hood is visible on his chest despite him no longer wearing the hood.
  4. Model - At 12:50, Fennec picks up a dagger containing white Dust. In the next shot, at 12:52, he is holding the white dagger along with a double dagger that contains red Dust. However, at 12:54, the dagger with white Dust suddenly changes to containing red Dust on-screen. Throughout the rest of the scene, it remains red.

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