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Tri-Hard[1] is a weapon wielded by Neptune Vasilias.


Tri-Hard is a weapon with at least four forms: a compact mode, a gun mode, a guandao mode, and a trident mode. The gun, guandao and trident modes all three have the capability of harnessing electricity.[1] The gun mode allows for long-range combat, having the ability to launch electric bolts.

The weapon is primarily gray, with a bluish light above the grip. The area between the weapon's grip and the butt end are fused, and the barrel is boxy, with light gray patterns on it.

Neptune using electricity.

The weapon's barrel contains a light blue tube where electricity is generated. What seems to resemble a dot-sight can be seen on the top of the weapon at the very front.

Aside from its gun form, the weapon can also transform into a guandao, the blade of which possesses a blue glow from the electricity. The blade of the guandao can also split into a trident, which retains the electricity effect present in the gun form's barrel.


  • The trident form is a reference to the weapon and symbol of Neptune, the Roman god of the sea.
  • On an episode of Quick Draw (an interview and art show hosted by Patrick Rodriguez), Neptune's voice actor, Kerry Shawcross, stated that if he were a student at Beacon Academy, he would have a gun and staff-type weapon. Patrick also suggested a trident component.[2] The episode was recorded some time before Neptune's weapon was first revealed.
  • Neptune's teammate, Sun Wukong, named the weapon for him. At first, Neptune loved the name, but years later, he finally understood the joke was at his expense, calling him a "try-hard", someone who tries too hard.[1]
  • The thumb hole stock of the weapon is almost identical that of the Heckler & Koch SL8 rifle. The magazine appears to have a Magpul Ranger Plate attached to it.