The endcard for the trailers. Each trailer sequentially revealed a new member of Team RWBY.

Four trailers were released leading up to the premiere of RWBY. Unlike regular previews, the trailers for RWBY were not cut using footage from the series, instead being original self-contained short films that told their own unique stories. In this sense, they acted more like prequels for the series proper than actual trailers.

Each trailer is referred to by a certain color and letter and features a character corresponding to those themes, revealing a little about the central characters' backstory. For example, the "Red", or "R", Trailer featured the character Ruby Rose.

Title Original Air Date Central Character Run Time External Link
"Red" November 5th, 2012 Ruby Rose 3:29 Rt-favicon "Red" Trailer
Yt-favicon "Red" Trailer
"White" February 14th, 2013 Weiss Schnee 3:47 Rt-favicon "White" Trailer
Yt-favicon "White" Trailer
"Black" March 22nd, 2013 Blake Belladonna 5:17 Rt-favicon "Black" Trailer
Yt-favicon "Black" Trailer
"Yellow" June 1st, 2013 Yang Xiao Long 5:44 Rt-favicon "Yellow" Trailer
Yt-favicon "Yellow" Trailer

Standard non-story trailers using footage cut from the series itself were also released leading up to the DVD release of Volume 1, as well as at the RTX 2014 premier of Volume 2. A trailer was also released for the RWBY: Volume 2 Soundtrack.[1]

Title Original Air Date Run Time External Link
Volume 1 Trailer November 15th, 2013 2:15 Rt-favicon Volume 1 Trailer
Yt-favicon Volume 1 Trailer
Volume 2 Trailer July 4th, 2014 2:31 Rt-favicon Volume 2 Trailer
Yt-favicon Volume 2 Trailer
Volume 3 Trailer October 22, 2015 1:47 Rt-favicon Volume 3 Trailer
Yt-favicon Volume 3 Trailer


  • In each of the four trailers, the moon is visible in a different phase of the lunar cycle, progressing from full in the "Red" Trailer to completely shattered in the "Yellow" Trailer.
  • In the "Red", "Black" and "Yellow" trailers, a crow flies by during a scene. This might be a signature employed by Monty, akin to the appearance of doves in the works of John Woo whom Monty was a fan of.[2]
  • Monty Oum has compared the trailers to the "Meet The..." vignettes for the video game Team Fortress 2, highlighting the characters' fighting styles and weapons.[3]
  • It was stated by Monty in a journal that there would be no trailers for Volume 2, instead he showed a teaser image for Team CFVY.[4] A single editorial trailer for Volume 2 was later released, but certain scenes were changed or edited in the actual episodes.
  • The four character trailers formed the basis for the first nine chapters of the RWBY manga.



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