For the warehouse used for the White Fang Meeting, see White Fang Warehouse

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Torchwick's Warehouse (unofficial) is a warehouse in Vale that served as Roman Torchwick's base of operations. It was also used by members of the White Fang, Cinder Fall, Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black. It is first seen in "Players and Pieces".


Torchwick's Warehouse was a large white warehouse with a curved roof, similar in appearance to a large Quonset hut. The narrow end of the warehouse had a cargo door that slid open, and two rows of windows, one with 6 windows and the top row having three. There were additional windows along the long sides of the warehouse near the roof.

The warehouse was large enough to contain a Bullhead, as well as space to hold several shipping containers and shelving units holding dust that Torchwick had stolen as part of Cinder's plan. There was an upper gangway surrounding the warehouse, accessible by a lift.

The warehouse was abandoned when operations were moved to Mountain Glenn.

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