Volume 6

The Grimm Reaper

Well, that's a fancy trick now, innit? 'Fraid it comes with a price though, love.
—Tock, to Maria
Course I do. You're the Grimm Reaper, and these... are the last sixty seconds of your life.
—Tock, to Maria
You know, the only reason my master wants you dead is 'cause of your eyes. But seein' as you ain't got 'em no more, you might be able to convince me to spare your life.
—Tock, to Maria about her reason why she hunts down people with silver eyes
Well, I respect that, a fighter to the end.
—Tock, to Maria and her last words before her death

RWBY: Amity Arena

Tock was a proud faunus. She was a predator, a born hunter. It wasn't enough to merely have the green scales, she was a CROC. That meant she needed a nasty bite. It was a tad uncomfortable at times, sure, and took a lot more flossing than she liked, but the looks on her victims' faces when suddenly facing her sharpened metal teeth was worth it. every. time. Master Salem did always warn her, though, to finish her prey before her invulnerability wore off. After all, her Aura shattering after those heart pounding sixty seconds was a dangerous price to pay. Still, she could never give up playing with her food, as that was the privilege of a predator, and nothing made Tock feel more alive- ...than dancing with Death. "Huh, well, I respect that... A fighter till the end." -Tock
RWBY: Amity Arena
Minor Characters
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