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Maria vs. Tock and Assassins "The Grimm Reaper" Killed


Prior to her death, Tock joined Salem in her inner circle, replacing her jaws with metallic teeth in the process.[1]

During Tock's time working under her, Salem served as a mentor to the Faunus, advising her on how to properly use her Semblance and warning her to finish off her opponents before it wore off. However, she never took heed.[2]

Hunting down Silver-Eyed Warriors

Tock slashes Maria's eyes.

Tock and three other armed men confront Maria Calavera in the mountains after the latter uses her Silver Eyes to turn a giant Nevermore to stone. Tock tells Maria that her master wants her dead because of her eyes. Near the end of the ensuing fight, Tock bites through the shaft of one of Maria's weapons and headbutts her, destroying Maria's mask and quickly slashing out her eyes with one of her swords. Maria, now blind, futilely attempts to shoot Tock, who casually approaches her. Tock mockingly says to Maria that she could be convinced to spare her since they only came for her eyes. Maria throws her kama at the Faunus in response but missed, planting it in the ground behind Tock. She is amused by this display and prepares to execute Maria.


Tock's final moments before the Grimm Reaper kills her.

Before she could be killed, Maria manages to reach the other kama and activates the gravity Dust within it, recalling the kama she threw earlier and having it lodged into Tock's back, causing her to stumble forward, and then be swiftly decapitated by Maria.

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