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Throughout the production of a series, a lot goes on behind the scenes in regards to planning and design, which often go through multiple stages before resulting in the final version that is seen on screen. Some concepts and ideas can have an effect on the show and characters, and unexpected occurrences during production can also lead to changes and additions to the plans for the show.

Character Basis

Tock alludes to Tick Tock, the crocodile from the story of Peter Pan.

  • She was a crocodile Faunus.
  • Her name is Tock.
  • She carried a stopwatch, referencing how the crocodile makes a tick-tock noise because it has a clock inside of it.
  • Her emblem was a stopwatch.
  • She forcefully takes a certain body part from an enemy, forcing them to use a prosthesis.
  • She has a thick English cockney accent.
  • She wields cutlasses, a weapon frequently associated with pirates, which Tick Tock followed constantly throughout Peter Pan.
Minor Characters
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