You know, the only reason my master wants you dead, is 'cause of your eyes. But seein' as you ain't got 'em no more, you might be able to convince me to spare your life.

Tock was a character in RWBY that first appeared in "The Grimm Reaper". An assassin, she was an associate of Salem and part of her inner circle.[3] She was killed by Maria Calavera after she destroyed Maria's eyes.


Tock was a Crocodile Faunus with a shaved head, dark-green grayish mohawk and yellow eyes. She wore a dark green collared shirt with a dark brown corset that has a strap attached to a narrow belt around her thigh, black and gray striped trousers and black shoes. In addition, she wore dark brown fingerless gloves and carried a large stopwatch with her.

Her Faunus trait was patchy shady green scales all over her body and face. She had an x-shaped scar on the left side of her head, black polish on her nails and sharp metal teeth with two screws in them.


Tock was cruel, sadistic and brutal. She had no problem using dirty tricks to defeat her opponents. She was also rather arrogant, possibly due to her limited invulnerability. She claimed to be merciful, offering to spare Maria's life if she begged for it. In a dismissive way, she claimed she respected those who fight to the end.

Tock is described as having been proud of herself, especially of her Faunus heritage, to the point of having replaced her original teeth with a set of metallic crocodile teeth to enhance her imagery. Additionally, despite warnings from her master, Salem, Tock never grew to be cautious in regards to using her Semblance before her invulnerability wore off, instead choosing to play with her victims.[4]

Powers and Abilities

Tock was a very capable and talented fighter, so much so that Salem recruited her into her inner circle.

She was a highly skilled tracker, having been able to successfully hunt down Maria by following what little information of her sightings and appearances.


Main article: Tock's Swords

Tock's weapons of choice were her Swords. They appeared to be a pair of inner circle golden hilted cutlass styled swords, with Tock having been shown and skilled enough in swordsmanship to easily fight and keep up with Maria Calavera, an impressive accomplishment considering the latter's own prodigal talents as a fighter. Tock was talented enough to even hold the advantage for the majority of the fight and overpower her.


Main article: Invulnerability

Tock's Semblance, Invulnerability, gives her the ability to become completely invulnerable for 60 seconds, creating an absolutely invulnerable full body Aura shield that completely shields her from all attacks. Unlike the typical Aura cloaks, Tock's Semblance does not weaken or break while within the set time limit.[5] However, the use of her Semblance causes Tock to shatter all her Aura after the 60 seconds have passed, effectively leaving her completely defenseless and open to being hurt.[6]


Tock was also shown to have modified her teeth by lining them with iron steel, effectively giving them a razor sharp edge, strong enough to chomp right through Maria's twin kama's handles.



  • Tock alludes to Tick Tock, the crocodile from Peter Pan. For more information on this allusion, see Tock/Behind the Scenes.

Color Naming Rule

  • Tock's name seemingly has no relation to the Color Naming Rule. Whether or not her last name abides to its guidelines remains unclear.
    • She might have been born before the Great War.


  • Many Faunus have additional elements in their design that tie into their animal traits: Tock had sharp prosthetic teeth. Teeth are a major crocodile trait. Her mohawk hairstyle may also reference the spines along a crocodile's back.
  • Miles Luna created Tock and came up with the idea of the fight between Maria and Tock only being 60 seconds long due to them having a restriction on how long fights could be.[7]


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