Well, that's a fancy trick now, innit? 'Fraid it comes with a price though, love.
—Tock, to Maria

Tock was a character in RWBY. She first appeared in "The Grimm Reaper". She was responsible for destroying Maria Calavera's eyes before being killed by her.


Tock was a Crocodile Faunus with a shaved head, dark-green mohawk and yellow eyes. She wore a dark green collared shirt with a dark brown corset, black and gray striped trousers and black shoes. In addition, she wore dark brown fingerless gloves and carried a large stopwatch with her.

Her Faunus trait was patchy green scales all over her body and face. She had an x-shaped scar on the left side of her head, black polish on her nails and sharp metal teeth with two screws in them.


Tock was cruel, sadistic and brutal. She had no problem using dirty tricks to defeat her opponents. She was also rather arrogant, possibly due to her limited invulnerability. She claimed to be merciful, offering to spare Maria's life (since Tock had destroyed Maria's eyes) if she begged for it. In a dismissive way, she claimed she respected those who fight to the end.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tock was a capable fighter, as shown when she battled Maria in "The Grimm Reaper". She fought with a pair of swords and also used her razor-sharp teeth, which were strong enough to break Maria's scythe staff. In addition, due to her Semblance, she also possessed the ability to become invulnerable for 60 seconds.[1]



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