Episode 6 - "Tipping Point"

  1. Model - At 1:34, Crocea Mors seems to be missing from Jaune Arc's hip.
  2. Model - Starting at 2:58, Crocea Mors disappears again.
  3. Model - At 5:55, all character models and the stage lights completely disappear from the last frame of the shot.
  4. Model - At 8:02, a man at the Schnee Charity Party has a transparent arm.
  5. Model - At 13:56, the hole Tyrian Callows made disappears.
  6. Model - At 13:51, The Queen's Servants disappear.
  7. Model - At 14:18, Jaune has his shield twice.
  8. Credits - At 15:49, Weiss Schnee and Kara Eberle's names are missing in the credits. This was fixed in the YouTube version.

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