• Hello EmBELLEm.

    I'm very sorry for my mistake.  ... in the comments.

    Because I am a student,have see that just now.

    Emmm..I didn't know that's spam.And...I didn't know the rules there.

    I mean.... I'm a Rookie and I'm not defending my mistake.

    I don't know how to express,but I would like to say I AM SORRY FOR THOSE

    And I promise don't do that again.

    I am sorry to give you trouble sincerely.

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    • Sorry, but what are you talking about?

      It's okay. If you realize your mistake and not do it again then everything is fine.

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    • Nothing serious.

      And Thank You For Reply

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    • EmBELLEm wrote:
      Sorry, but what are you talking about?

      MoGirlMrvica  is  poor at English,because English is seldom used in his daily life.

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    • Heh, that's fine. It's understandable. Learning more than one language makes you awesome ^_^

      Being nice is more important than having perfect grammar in a foreign language!

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    • A FANDOM user
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