• 7 volumes in and team RWBY has still yet to officially lose a fight.  Yes, there have been individual defeats, but every time RWBY goes into battle as a whole, they come out victorious.  That has to change, and it has to change soon.

    At some point they just become a group of Mary Sues, bursting at the seams with plot armor.  The question becomes: when, if ever, will RWBY lose?

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    • *deep breath*

      Y E S

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    • Aren't they losing as we speak?

      Also, which "group of trained huntsmen with superior experience"? They haven't fought the Ace-Ops yet, or CFVY.

      They won at Haven because Cinder was an idiot, giving her side -3 units on the field, while RWBY gained +1.

      Edit: Well, it was definitely close... so many people are going to quit this show aren't they...

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    • I don't mind team RWBY, or their "holier than thou" attitude that apparently pisses some people off, or how they always win as a team, because I acknowledge they're the main cast and they're not supposed to lose as much as win. They're meant to shine. But my current least favorite character, *drumroll*, Cinder Fall. Ever since Season 6 she's just been doing nothing, I kinda wished that she had just died at the end of Season 5. She was never a character that I would miss. Cinder is basically just a beta release version of Salem, the main difference between the two being that Salem doesn't suck.

      They won against AceOps because the AceOps weren't working together well and RWBY was working together, and Marrow can suck my cock his performance was the biggest disappointment of that fight. He should've at least tried a little bit harder imo, he wasn't "not trying to hurt RWBY" so much so as he just didn't want fight at all, even when Weiss had shown little reluctance to kick his ass. Anyways, I digress, I don't have that big of a problem with AceOps losing, or with how RWBY always wins. They're leagues above Cinder or Cordovin. Yeah her, does anyone remember her? Cordovin... wasn't the best character either, and certainly not the best military official in Atlas.

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