• Reasons For This Matchup: Both Sun and Crash are wild heroes with Sun being a mischievous man while Crash in the other hand is Known for his Daredevil Behavior in levels going all no damage in them, and they can use long range and up close weapons with Sun's nunchuck guns with Crash with His Fruit Bazooka and Mech (not to get confused with Fake Crash), also Both Sun and Crash are both heroes for defeating the odds with Sun defeating the water grimm, trifa, and members of the white fang, ETC while Crash defeated Dr. Neo Cortex, N Trance, Nitros Oxide, ETC .

    Story: Sun just got done with his teachings and is on his way back home but he sees a fox jumping on crates and this fox was no empty minded animal, this was Crash Bandicoot and took 1 glare at Sun Mistaking him for a Mutant that Dr. Neo Cortex Sent to Destroy Him and gives out a battle cry of "WOAH!" and attempted to do his trademark attack at Sun but he dodges and then taunts the shirtless animal and gets out his Nunchucks and says "You wanna go foxy, Let's go".

    Who Wins and Why

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