• Hello,

    I have been working on an idea to improve (in my opinion) the Kingdom template. I'm not sure where to post this or who to turn to or how stuff like this works. The administartive requests forum is more than not rarely visited and if it is it's by regular users, while this is more a staff idea. idk.

    I took inspiration from the character template. If it's just the symbol it feels a bit more distant/abstract, but with this template I feel it's more like an actual location. We know how it looks like, where it is. And I know not every kingdom has a screenshot, but I feel enough of them have it for this template idea to work.

    I have made templates for the other kingdoms and they are on my sandbox page

    My MISTRAL version1

    My MISTRAL version2

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    • Bump.

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    • I'm not sure about the picture works as the kingdons are more than just their main cities.. For instance, Mistal includes Argus. Shouldn't it's page image include Argus as well?

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    • The Demonym is already in the template. It just hidden if not filled. like every other wiki data category. 

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    • Vedran favours the middle, Spirit the third.

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    • I am actually kind of questioning using an image of the capital, since it is just one city in the Kingdom.

      We could label the image as Capital, though.

      Other than that, I like Version 2.

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    • What's the first thing? the present one?

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    • 73.Anon.52 wrote:
      What's the first thing? the present one?


      Also for the two options, the individual images can be switched around if needed. The difference is only in that one has the symbol in the corner and the other has it as an image.

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    • I personally like the third one the most. Maybe label it 'capital' instead of 'Kingdom' considering the picture only shows the city, but other then that I think it works really well.

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    • That is a really good point. It has been fixed.

      Yeah, thanks for all the imput. I realized that when I started crating this I seemed to have mixed up the kingdoms and the cities (sigh)

      • we have a crest that is the symbol of the kingdom
      • a screenshot of the city
      • maps of the cities on their continents
      • a map of the kingdoms that I just remembered existed.
        WoR9 00005

        WoR Vale (WoR9 00005)

      Cropped maps of the kingdoms:

      Kingdom Maps WoR Atlas


      Kingdom Maps WoR Mistral


      Kingdom Maps WoR Vacuo


      Kingdom Maps WoR Vale


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    • Is there any chance you could alter v1 to have the symbol image centered above the name and/or slightly enlarged rather than on the side?

      I feel like it may look better that way but otherwise lean towards option 3

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    • Kingdominfoboxtestforanon1

      made with ms paint

      Like...this? Probably not? I made this with ms paint, but I have nooo idea how it would be done. This entire thing was just copying the already existing Character template. No idea how to actually do something original.

      I tried messing with the code and making it slightly bigger. That is something I can do (and we should really do that, it looks so much better) but the black circle stays the same size. idk.

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    • the black circle size would be altering Font size no?

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    • Kingboxttemplateestscreenshot
      I...don't know?

      Code is weird. If you'd like you can take a look at it. Template:Kingboxtest if you have any more clue than me. I wouldn't even know which bit to poke.

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    • I think I found a nice system for the template.

      • The Kingdom has the crest and its territory
      • The City has a screenshot and an area map

      I think we can definitely do that, we have enough material.

      Here's the images


      Mistral City

      Mistral Kingdom


      Atlas City

      Atlas Kingdom


      Vale City

      Vale Kingdom


      Vacuo City

      Vacuo Kingdom


      Mantle City

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    • Looks pretty good. Though, you accidentally put the City of Mistral image as the CIty of Vale's image.

      I am a bit nervous about the highlights on the kingdoms' landmasses, since the kingdoms don't actually take up the entirety of those highlighted areas. If they did, then there'd be no "outside the kingdoms".

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    • Not like we have a good image for vale city. not like we actually even understand vale city...

      Not like we actually know what "kingdom" means and how far it goes. Hey, the WoR presented the colored areas as part of the kingdom. They said so themselves. It would go against our wiki rules to say anything different. ...even if the show conflicts with itself.

      Ohh. Hey, I decided to rewatch the Between Kingdoms WoR after... well probably since it came out.

      "So, now you know more about the Kingdoms. But, what's between the big cities?"

      I'd say it's not really a hard line, but more of a gradient. The farther away you are from the capital, the less it counts as the kingdom. So technically you can be in the wilderness, but still count as the kingdom. I can totally see that. Sort of like how medieval countries and fantasy worlds still count small villages as "their territory" even if they were pretty much in the "wild lands".

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    • Hmm, perhaps. In WoR: Mistral, Qrow says "Of the four Kingdoms, Mistral has the most controlled territory". Controlled territory, rather than largest kingdom.

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    • I can see that by "controlled territory" they just say that so they can say that they're big, not that they actually have any control over it.

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    • I made all the changes, they all look nice. Except for Vacuo city and Atlas city because we don't have those pages. I don't think there's any issues.

      Mistral kingdom, Mistral city, Vale kingdom, Vale city, Atlas kingdom, Vacuo kingdom.

      I've been thinking what to do with Mantle and Atlas and I think I figured out what we could do:

      • Atlas Kingdom, formerly called Mantle is the northernmost kingdom on Remnant
      • Atlas city, the capital city of Atlas, the floating island
      • Mantle city, the former capital of the former kingdom of Mantle, now an industrial mining city

      Just thinking out loud. I think that's what's going on. Just not sure how Atlas City and Atlas Academy relate to each other yet.

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