• There are about nine or ten RWBY themes for the background of the PS4 home menu. One for each of RWBY and JNPR as well as a Grimm and a Rose one. Here's one of them.

    Where could we add them? Would it be under Merchandise or on the main RWBY Show Page?

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    • if they are extra features you need to purchase individually, then RWBY Merchandise/Image Gallery/Media would be appropriate. If they aren't a stand alone product, idk.

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    • They are individual home screen backgrounds you don't need any other purchase to get (besides a PS4 system, I guess.)

      I just added the ten of them. I'm about to add two bundles where it's all of the RWBY ones and all of the JNPR ones purchasable together.

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    • Note: The links provided are all for the US PlayStation Store, so users outside of the US can't really use those links. A google search of the name of the individual theme will suffice, though.

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