• Frankly I was tired of that thread sucking the oxygen from the forum with nothing but 1-sided comments being countered by nothing but The OP's opinion.

    My comment was effectively a back-handed compliment in that even you as one of our most impulsive posters was able to recognize that just maybe we should stop posting on the thread because there was no point.

    I may have been somewhat harsh and for that I am sorry, because I do recognize you have been improving, but frankly I'm not very patient atm because of a heatwave.

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    • I appreciate that you went on my wall for this explanation, even though you could’ve just said it on the thread.

      Don’t worry, i’m not being sarcastic or anything like that. This was cool of ya.

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    • Glitchee123z wrote: … even though you could’ve just said it on the thread. ...

      nah, not worth bumping it for anything

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    • Guess not.

      Anyway, i’ve unfollowed that thread. I hope everyone else does, too.

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    • A FANDOM user
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