• Reposting this on the forum since nobody responded to the original comment.

    So why don’t we add the beetle Grimm? The one that came out of Cinder’s glove?

    And don’t even try the excuse that “we don’t have the official name for the Grimm”, it’s simply not true.

    Also, pages for the Wyvern and Sea Feilong were made long before they got their official names.

    So why don’t we just make the page for it? What, because it only appeared in one episode and did little? Not even a fight scene?

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    • If you think there are things that should have a page, then feel free to create those pages.

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    • So yes.

      Alright, i’ll get to it right now.

      Question: how do I make infoboxes and sections?

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    • it already has a page, Cinder's glove, just add redirects and it's done

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    • I want to make a page for the beetle, not a redirect for what it came out of.

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    • I made the page look presentable, linked to the episode page, glove page, Amber battle page and added it to the grimm list template and minor combatants list.

      It still needs a mugshot for the creatures of grimm template though and I can't do that

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    • Thanks.

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    • A FANDOM user
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