• We should start screenshoting/downloading any outside sources for information. Right now outside sources are just a link, but tweets can be deleted, videos deleted, merchandise no longer available.

    This is the Scarlet being Gay tweet. Or, it was.

    This source right now means nothing. We all saw it, but that won't mean anything later to someone who hasn't seen it.

    We've lost many sources that way, sadly.

    Tweets, Q&A, comments, maybe even downloading videos of panels.

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    • Yeah, you're right.

      How should we go about keeping track of our on-site copies of the sources so that we can easily dig one up if the link goes dead?

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    • Honestly, just have two links in the source. Eh?

      The Emblem page's reference section links to our images and I tried just adding that. How's this? (I know it looks bad, but it's just an idea. Maybe just "screenshot")

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    • Could work.

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    • A FANDOM user
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