• On May 3rd, 2019 a user with multiple sock puppet accounts acted in violation of both the wiki rules and Fandoms' Terms of Service in uploading and changing files to extremely inappropriate images. We have blocked the vandal on all known accounts and will continue to do so as they are created. We have taken the following steps to prevent such an incident in the future:

    • Reverted image files back to the appropriate image
    • Deleted the offending image from the files' histories
    • Locked all background image file privileges to wiki admins
    • Deleted any page to created by the offending user

    As part of our revisions, the Recent Edits and Wiki Activity pages will appear empty as a side effect. This does not mean everything on the wiki is deleted, it only means that we currently cannot see any wiki activity on that page until it is populated by more activity.

    If the offending image is still visible to you, clear your browser's image cache, close your browser, and re-open it, and the image should be gone.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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