• Characters that should get pages

    Not sure if there's already a page for this, but

    The agreed criteria for which characters get their own page are:

    -the character has physical appeared in the show,

    -has had speaking lines,

    -has an actual name.

    Characters that follow these criteria and are on the Minor Characters page are:

    Shay, Yuma, Perry, Deery, An Ren, Lisa, Dee and Dudley, Saber

    But that still leaves some characters who don't have speaking lines (some of ABRN, some of BRNZ, some of NDGO, Sky and Dove, Fox) so I propose another rule: if a person is in 4 man team.

    That just leaves Neo and Summer, who have large enough roles in the story, and Zwei and Adrian, who don't have actual speaking roles...

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    • To be honest, I don't exactly remember the inclusion of the "has had speaking lines" part, and I'm not sure we should include it, considering... y'know, mute characters like Neo and dead-yet-important characters like Summer.

      But yeah, we need to work on setting up those pages, and now is a great time to do so because we're between seasons. Finding good profile pics for some of them is gonna be hard. Looking at you, Lisa and Deery. If I recall, Deery was mainly in a crowd. Meanwhile, Lisa has always been featured from the shoulders up on a transparent screen that we didn't always get a good view of. I would say we should use her Volume 4 appearance, since that's the Volume where she finally got an actual 3D model.

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    • If we don't count speaking lines and only follow "named and has appeared" then that also includes Trifa and Marcus. So yeah, that rule doesn't really change much.

      Only Lisa's last appearance is transparent, her first two are not. Then again... she does change her design every time.

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