• First of all, didn't know what this goes under, so I stuck it here. (If you know where it goes, feel free to move it)

    So, I recently started re-watching RWBY, and I've been noticing a fair amount of inconsistencies. I have, naturally, been adding these to the relavant pages.

    However, as I'm an anon, I can't add or edit the pictures of said inconsistencies. Gemmaniac has been helping with that, but he/she said that they're not sure if they're allowed to upload pics to the episode's gallery, (Something about unreliable sources) which is supposedly required to add said pic to the inconsistencies. (or something like that)

    So, could someone who knows this stuff help out? It would be greatly appreciated!


    Also, I stuck it under these two topics because those are, IIRC, the pages that currently need pics.

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