• Hey, so I remember you saying something about wanting to be a Backer for Combat Ready in a thread but missing out cos of real life reasons. Well, I just received an email from it, and it mentions being able to become a late supporter of RWBY Combat Ready. If you Pre-Order from this website , it comes with the backer-only stuff but not the 3 extra objective cards that were added on at the very end. I believe the deadline is the 1st of December.

    Just thought I'd let you know so you can get all the Backer-Only stuff as well if you wanted (since it's the only reason I backed it).

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    • so the 85$ gets all the backer stuff? or is it still missing stuff at that point?

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    • $45 gets you all the backer-only stuff, though the 3 extra objective cards for hitting $700k are Kickstarter only. the extra $40 will get you the optional extra stuff, which is the villian miniatures and the 2 sub-boss decks. But yeah. 

      Basically, pre-order it and you can get everything the backers got except 3 objective cards. Which I'm sure somebody will post online and share, so you can just print them out and do them for yourself anyway.

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