• So, why didn't Yang die from Atam's attack? As shown in the pictures below, Atam's attack should have lliterally cut Yang in half

    Yang's arm

    but instead, only her arm was sliced off instead.

    If you look at Atam's attack closely, you can see that right before Yang was hit, there was a red-colored semblance in a shape of a Raven. This, however, might not be what many think it is, which could possibly be a portal made by Raven, her mother in an attempt to save Yang from Atam's attack, but instead for this time, she was not able to protect her daughter from getting her arm sliced. This, however, is only a theory. Another possible reason that Yang didn't die was because the creator just didn't think it was time for a important character to die. I give credits to the rightful owner of this theory. This theory is not necessarily correct.



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    • no, I do not;

      A. Raven said that saving her was a one time deal before this, so she wouldn't have helped assuming she could have... and an observer would not have realized Adam was a threat in time to stop him AND suddenly have the perfect counter.

      B. Adam was fighting a robot with no aura in that clip, pure density resistence as opposed to a focused strike to blitz through aura.

      C.  Adam's a dick trying to hurt Blake as badly as he can, he probably has the same mentality as the guy from Shooter(the other sniper who actually did the job the MC was accused of), you disable/cripple/wound the first target, then slaughter all the reinforcements that try to save them, turning one kill into 100's, + it causes more suffering than snuffing that first life cleanly(it also removes more useful members of the opposing forces, true hero types willing to risk their lives selflessly and medical personel, leaving cynics and injured as your only remaining opposition... divide and conquer as might be said).

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    • I'm pretty sure Adam close enough to cut Yang's arm and not the rest of her body. Besides that Adam was focused on getting Blake.

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    • 73.Anon.52 wrote:

      C.  Adam's a dick trying to hurt Blake as badly as he can,

      Plus, Yang's Aura might have been mostly focused on protecting her torso from harm, so the weakest point with the least amount of Aura Points was probably on her arm.

      D. Adam hadn't absorbed anywhere near as much energy for attacking Yang as he had for attacking the giant robot. Remember, the robot fired a huge laserbeam, allowing Adam to absorb a looot of energy from it. Meanwhile, in Heroes and Monsters, we only saw him absorb energy from blocking Blake's bullets. It makes sense that his Semblance would've had a weaker effect when he used it on Yang than when he used it on the giant robot, since he had absorbed less energy.

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    • Adam was focused on hurting Blake feelings and crushing her mind berfore killing her. Note that he saved her from the Grimm monster, then saying that he wanted her to suffer before dying. Besides, t would cause Blake more grief to know that she was responsible for Yang's death (if she died) than if only her arm was cut off. It would be the same for the case of Pyrrha if she only cut off Penny's arm, rather than killing her. So Atam would've tried to kill Yang, not just leave her disarmed, knowing that Blake would suffer more if he did. I'm not saying any of you are wrong, but please keep this theory in thought.

      EDIT: Please do not swear.

      EDIT: Adam is shown being able to slice his targets from a far distance. Also, the robot in the GIF. is actually considered further than Yang is to Adam. Yang did not have an aura, as she did not realize Adam's attack before it actually hit her. She would not be able to predict what he would do and was completely focused on attacked him, not protecting herself.

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    • I really think it's just that he hadn't absorbed anywhere near as much energy as he had from the giant robot, and thus, when he used his Semblance on Yang, it was not as powerful as it was when he used it on the giant robot. It's like if Yang only got a little bit of energy for her Semblance and couldn't do as much damage as she usually does. (The writers have actually compared Adam's Semblance to Yang's, after all.) He seems to absorb energy by blocking things with his sword, and we can see that energy absorption happen when everything red on him, including his sword blade, glows. We only saw him absorb energy from blocking Blake's bullets in that episode. Compare those little bullets to the giant laserbeam he absorbed in the Black Trailer.

      And then there's the possibility that Yang's Aura might have been more focused on protecting her torso with less of it protecting her arm, since her torso contains vital organs and thus takes priority over her arm. Plus, her arm is smaller than her torso is, so that could also cause there to be less Aura there.

      Don't forget that Adam walked toward Yang after she landed on the floor and only stopped because Blake jumped in the way. I think he was walking over there to finish Yang off.

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    • What I'm curious about though is why he let Blake run off with Yang. We know he could've easily caught up to Blake who was injured at the time and carrying to an unconscious Yang. Sure, he wanted to make Blake suffer as much as possible but that doesn't include Yang in the equation, he could've caught up to them and simply killed Yang and letting Blake live. Was it really all just pure plot armor protecting Yang at that time?

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    • injuring Yang made Blake slower... so killing her just would have freed Blake to run faster... but it could also be he expended more aura than he wanted to himself

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    • He also had a mission he was supposed to be taking care of at Beacon, so he may have decided he had scared Blake enough and it was time to get back to what he was supposed to be doing.

      We do know from Beginning of the End that Adam isn't so obsessed with Blake that he can't pull his focus off her and back to whatever duties he is supposed to be taking care of. After Blake left him back then, the White Fang Lieutenant said he'd get her back for him, but Adam told him to forget it and said "It's time I return to Mistral and--" He was taking his focus off of Blake and returning to whatever it was he was supposed to do for the White Fang. This shows that he doesn't have a one-track mind that gets stuck focusing solely on Blake. He can remember that he has responsibilities to take care of and properly decide when to return to those responsibilities.

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    • True. Harming Yang could stop the entire team into fighting for over a period of time, causing the White Fang to have a advantage to win if they attacked. But then again, if Atam could cut Yang's arm off with such accuracy, why didn't wait for the right moment and cut off both? Cutting off both would cause Yang to lose both of her Ember Celica's. This would impact Yang, as she would need two robotic arms, along with a new weapon, causing Yang to be disabled for a much longer time period and leaving her more vulnerable and in need of more protection. 

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    • I don't think he did it on purpose.

      I think it was just a result of how her Aura was distributed across her body, with one of the weakest points being her arm. Like I described in my post above, her arm had less surface area than her torso and her torso contains vital organs which makes it a priority over her arm. Thus, it's reasonable to think that she had more Aura protecting her torso than her arm. That mixed with the fact that Adam hadn't absorbed very much energy for his Semblance resulted in Yang only losing an arm.

      Like I said in my earlier post, compare two measly bullets from Blake to a giant laser from a huge robot. Adam's Semblance just didn't have anywhere near as much damage behind it when he used it on Yang as it did when he used it on the giant robot in the Black Trailer because he did not absorb anywhere near as much energy.

      It's just luck that Yang had just enough Aura and Adam had not absorbed quite enough energy.

      Once she landed on the floor unconscious, Adam started walking over to her like he wanted to finish her off, but then Blake jumped in the way.

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    • True.

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    • well thinking it on the other way

      yang's hand is moving forward the most instead of body or leg

      now what happens when you smash a log onto a still blade?

      the log would be cut while the blade have 0 force spend on it

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    • Adam is probably the most hated character in the show (which is intentional). He's an edgy douchebag psychopath who has few (if any) redeeming qualities. Props to the showriters for making such a good villain

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    • Also, you only DO see it from a side view, not first person or even a front shot. So, you couldn't really say for sure except for what is based on the results.

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    • wrote:
      Also, you only DO see it from a side view, not first person or even a front shot. So, you couldn't really say for sure except for what is based on the results.

      Or, it's possible he was just trying to Yang (and subsequently Blake) suffer as much as possible.

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    • Easy, because it WASN'T a fatal Wound, because if it was, she would have been cut in the Left side of her body in addition, and she was also bandaged a minute or 2 later into the episode, which explains a moderate bit of information.

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    • Because not only she is a protagonist, she is also the waifu of everyone. R.T. has not grown enough to be able to get rid of those clichés. Make an unknown villain the great evil to forge in him the enemy that allow the protagonist to continue shining in camera is one of those. It can not be analyzed, because it obeys the needs of the plot. If it could be analyzed, we could ask why Yang did not bleed more for example.

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    • ChessireWocky wrote:
      If it could be analyzed, we could ask why Yang did not bleed more for example.

      She did bleed, just not as her arm was coming off because, instead, bits of Aura were coming from the wound.

      However, after she hits the ground, when Adam slings his sword while walking toward her, blood comes off his blade, and you even hear the blood splatter on the floor.

      And later, at Beacon's docks, Yang's arm is bandaged, and there's blood on the bandages.

      V3 12 00027
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    • Adam's described as a sadist; he probably wanted to make Blake suffer with the knowledge of Yang slowly and helplessly bleeding out. Rather than outright kill her, he wanted to drag out the suffering and death for both of them. 

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