• All puns aside, and unless Kerry Shawcross or other members of the crew have stated otherwise, I think it's fairly possible that Team SSSN may end up appearing in Volume 5. While the team's limber leader probably won't be "catching up" with them for a time (given that he's in Menagerie), Sun did say that Scarlet, Sage, and Neptune went back to Mistral.

    We know Sun was from Vacuo, so I'm going to make an assumption (albeit, an unsupported one) that the other three were born in Mistral, since Team SSSN itself came from Haven. That said, I think that if they do appeart, Team RNJR, Qrow, and Ozpin/Oscar will be the most likely to run into them.

    Any thoughts?

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    • This was posted by me, accidentally was in anonymous mode, but didn't realize it...

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    • We'll almost definitely see them again because with Sun following Blake to Mistral he would want his team for back up.

      Though Sun and Neptune will probably be the only ones with important roles.

      Who knows maybe they'll actually give us a reason to ship Neptune and Weiss.

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