• As you all know, several characters in RWBY have more than one hair color. These characters are: Ruby, Ironwood, Neo, Raven, Summmer, Neon, Adam, Nadir, Ren and Watts.

    The thing is, only the first six of these characters have all of their hair colors listed on their templates.

    In the case of Adam, Nadir, Ren and Watts, only one of their hair colors is listed on their templates.

    Shouldn't we edit their templates to list all of their hair colors?

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    • I guess, really, we should look at all of these and decide what constitutes listing multiple colors, to be honest.

      I mean, obviously, when a character like Ruby, Summer, or Raven has one color that fades into another color, that should be noted.

      When a character's hair is split like Neo's, that should also be noted.

      But should we note streaks of color, especially if there's only one streak, like in Ren's hair? Then again, we note the white streaks in Neo's hair, don't we?

      Should we note graying hair, like for Ironwood and Watts, in a different way? If we note graying hair, should we note that Qrow seems to have gray streaks in his hair?

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    • Nadir's hair is just pink.

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    • No, it's pink and black/dark brown, Grey. Only the top is pink.
      Nadir Shiko Thumb
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    • I see, the pink is probably hair dye then

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    • If we note the blue in Neon's hair, I think we should note the pink in Ren's hair.

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    • The question is if we should note the blue in Neon's hair, since it's minor streaks. But we note the white in Neo's hair, and those are just streaks, though not quite as minor as Neon's.

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    • Personally, I don't think Neon's or Ren's streaks are prominant enough to actualy note in their infobox. They can simply be described in the appearance section.

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    • I think that we should list all of their hair colors even if they only have minor streaks of one of them. We could note in the templates that they only have streaks of one color, like for example:

      Neon: Orange, Light-blue streaks.

      Or maybe like this:

      Neo: Pink, Brown and White (Streaks).

      By the way, I've noticed that in some of the characters that have more than one hair color listed in their templates, the colors are separated by a comma, while in other cases, the colors are separated by an "and". I think we should fix that.

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    • So, are we gonna change the infoboxes?

      Ren aside, I really think that all the hair colors of Adam, Nadir and Watts should be listed in their templates. All three of them have more than a few streaks of one of the colors.

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    • I just went ahead and added black as one of Nadir's hair colors, but I'm having problems editing the rest.

      Could someone list brown as one of Adam hair colors, and gray as one of Watts' in their templates?

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    • A FANDOM user
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