• Starting with Vale: Let's see....the YT Captions call it Sanas, and it most certainly sounds that way. The Wikia says it's Sunnus, though personally it doesn't sound like Sunnus (that would sound more like "son-nos" to me).

    Youtube Captions are unreliable since everyone can edit them. And the Wikia admits they don't actually know if it's Sunnus or not. Hence why I made this thread.

    I believe it is indeed Sanas. Not just from how it sounds, but for other reasons. For starters, no location so far has a meaningless/gibberish name. Vale, Mistral, Vacuo and Atlas all have meanings, they are actual words.

    -Vale: A valley   / -Mistral: A cold, strong wind at the northen mediterranean.

    -Vacuo: Vaccum / Void    /  -Atlas: The Greek Titan, punished with carrying the Celestial Spheres.

    Just to give examples. The same goes with their Academies and Combat Schools.

    So, we should assume the continents are the same. They also have a meaningful name. In Vale's case, it's continent has at least 2 possible options for a name so far: Sanas, and Sunnus. How do we know which one is (the more likely to be) the one? Simple: We check and see which one has meaning.

    -With Sunnus, I searched. But found nothing, neither a meaning in a dictionary, or even how to pronounce it. The closest I found was Sonus, which has a very different pronounciation from Sanas, which is how I heard Qrow call the continent, and how the captions say it is.

    -With Sanas, I found many meanings. For starters, in Portuguese and Spanish, it's second-person, plural, present-tense for "Heal".

    Second of all, it also has a meaning in Irish and Scottish, which our resident Irish GreyStark could please confirm. That meaning is, according to dictionaries: An announcement, signal, sign, warning.

    Why the italics? Because consider what the academies of Vale are called, and the meaning of their names. It fits so much, I really doubt it was unintentional. That is, assuming it's true.

    For a similar reason to the first point, there's also Sanus, the latin word that means "Healthy", from which Sanar and related words come from.

    Hence why I believe it really is Sanas. Sunnus isn't even a word. A name, maybe, but names can be anything; I've seen people with name "Ng" (yes, no vocals, just Ng. "En-gee").

    At the very least, it's the one that is an actual word with actual meaning so far. So, given the other location names also have meanings and are actual words, Occam's Razor says that, between these 2, Sanas is the answer to believe in, at least for the moment, besides Sanus.

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    • Sanus is the one on the wiki, we eliminated sunnus for the reason you stated.

      Sanus also means healthy.

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    • Sanus is, i believe, the root word of Sanas.

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    • MiniDaggers wrote:
      1-Sanus is the one on the wiki, we eliminated sunnus for the reason you stated.

      2-Sanus also means healthy.

      1-When did this happen? That would be a new level of ninja if it was done before I posted this.

      2-Yeah, it's latin. Likely the word from which Sanar and relative words come from.

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    • Well it was on the page so you should've saw it really, especially when the recent edit and undo happened.

      Otherwise, it was discussed on a spoiler thread, so I don't blame you for missing the discussion itself.

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    • We did it at least an hour ago.

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    • MiniDaggers wrote:
      Well it was on the page so you should've saw it really, especially when the recent edit and undo happened.

      Let's see...yeah, done by Gastropod. He gave no explanation behind the edit, so I thought he was just grammar-checking.

      ....Well, at least I gave an explanation for it...............

      Still, the Irish meaning of Sanas seems a bit too fitting to be a coincidence.....

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    • I made a note of it on the page for the WoR itself while editing it.

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    • Phantomlink959 wrote:
      I made a note of it on the page for the WoR itself while editing it.

      Nothing appears on the Recent Activity page that says you edited it.

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    • recent activity only goes back so far.

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    • Phantomlink959 wrote:
      recent activity only goes back so far.

      .....Dude, Recent Activity doesn't work by "up to a certain time ago", but "up to a certain number of edits ago". (And even then, you can choose to see older edits).

      So if you had edited anything, it should appear there.

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    • After it goes beyond the number of edits that you need to click see more it gets REALLY frakin' weird aobut how it displays things.

      I edited the transcript page directly.

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    • Okay, Mistral's WoR is public now. To save space I'll use this same thread to discuss the continent's name, and after change the title to a more appropiate one.

      Though for starters, I have to say, Chishio was right. Qrow pronounced Vale's continent differently. It sounded like "Sanes" or "Samus" this time. Thank you RT's Voice Director(s).

      Alright, so, Mistral's continent seems to be called "Onym", if captions are to be trusted. And indeed, part of me says it does sound like that. The other part instead says it sounds like Onem.

      -Onem: I looked it up, the closest thing to a meaning that I found was Wiktionary, who said it was Turkish. Apparently, it means "Importance", or something like that.

      -Onym: I looked around and found even less than Onem.....Well, I did try Google Translate to see what would happen. It said it's Polish, and means......"Salty".

      -I tried Onen just in case. In it's case, I found it was an alternative form of Onan, cornish for 1.

      -And also just in case, I wondered if "Onem" was supposed to be a sort-of-inversion of Omen. Although it would sort-of break consistency with the other location names. Omen in itself means Foreboding, an Augury or Sign.

      Hopefully someone can find something more informative.

      Personally, I'd say it's Onym if I have to choose from those 3; Although it's a stretch, interpreting Salty as refering to "Salt Water" can lead to a connection of sorts with Haven (a body of water, usually natural, where ships take shelter), similar to Sanas and Beacon/Signal, although it doesn't make any connection with Sanctum.

      I also wondered if maybe it was Onim. I didn't find anything even slightly useful.....but it did make me wonder. Maybe it's sort-of derived/based on the japanese word Oni. An Oni is a creature of japanese mythology, usually a demon, ogre or spirit. Given Mistral's clear Asian influence, I'd consider it an option.

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    • Onym is a suffix denoting a type of name, as in psuedonym and acronym.

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    • Sonas- Irish for good luck or fortune

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    • Phantomlink959 wrote:
      Onym is a suffix denoting a type of name, as in psuedonym and acronym.

      Yes, but I'm not looking for suffix, I'm looking for meanings.

      I'll consider that kind of -onym when we see a place called Ing.

      @Grey: Cool to know, but that's not really how Qrow pronounced it (both times). Both times it clearly began with San, not Son.

      But now that you're here, could you confirm if Sanas means what it supposedly means in Irish? Signal, announcement, and similar stuff?

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    • They can change a letter or too, beside the pronunciation can go either ways with the a or o

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    • Sanas can mean advice, whisper or privacy

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    • GreyStark wrote:
      They can change a letter or too

      But so far, they've only done that with Vytal, and only changing the I of Vital for a Y like so many have done before. So it isn't too likely.

      GreyStark wrote:
      Sanas can mean advice, whisper or privacy

      I recall those being mentioned along the meanings of Sanas. Not quite the answer to my question, but Privacy does fit Vale in some ways.....sort of.

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    • Privacy as in refuge/safe in this case

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    • .....I've never heard of Privacy having any such meaning.

      I meant Privacy as it's sort of lonely, isolated. Mountains block it's inmediate front, and the sea blocks it's inmediate rear.

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    • I think that's what I was trying to convey

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    • I wonder what's the meaning behind the name of Atlases continent

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    • I heard Solitas. It's latin.

      Now, Solitas and Solitus, from which it's derived, according to some pages say it means accustomed........but I find that questionable. The word Soledad, which means Solitude, is derived from Solitas.

      I'm no expert in language evolution but I feel Soledad would have been derived from a word with a meaning closer to Solitude.

      Of course, here's my point: Whether Solitas means Accustomed or Solitude, both fit Atlas.

      -Accustomed: Adapted to existing conditions. Such as the cold.

      -Solitude: It's at the edge of the world with no Kingdom close in any way. Mistral has some Menagerian colonies nearby, and Vale is right besides Vacuo. Atlas is all alone to themselves.

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    • That makes their technological advances all the more impressive. Technology typically improves in highly competitive climates. The reason Europe gained technological superiority after the dark ages was because each power wanted to be better than the others.

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    • A FANDOM user
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