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    15:54, January 21, 2017

    - So, we get some more fighting.

    - Melanie sounds like she would make for a great Shonen antagonist. She can then pull a Vegeta.

    - I like the detail on Yang's reload panels.

    - I still think Yang looks a tab bit weird in this style, but that panel of her standing in front of a defeated Junior is glorious.

    - I do feel it makes more sense for Yang and Junior to talk after the confrontation than for her to just walk away as she does in the trailer.

    - I will say Ruby's sudden entrance made everything 100% better. Not that it was bad.

    - It both relives me and makes me feel more for Junior that people torning his business apart is apparently fairly normal.

    - Guy really needs a break.

    - Looks like next chapter we return to V1 filler? Maybe we will get some insight on what Roman was up to in between ep. 1 and ep 16?

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    • Yeah the style on Yang is still kind of weird but not bad in any way, just different. I just like how his workers there just immediately go to damage control after the fight and start fixing up the place. Kind of weird that Ruby just showed up to a club, but then again her wanting to just help she was probably just drawn to the commotion. I hope the go into more detail on the filler at Beacon. Looking forward to how the plays out in the manga.

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    • is it possable for raven to be a douvble agent working with Qrow such as amber how did he know where they were except he had a tip from someone my thought raven Qrow" We (Raven) keep in touch) if she was a villan why would she keep in  touch with Qrow. Also she may be dangerous becasue she is with humanities enemy.

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