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    There's been a lot of breaking down the RWBY songs to try and find out who/what they're about. I figure it may prove interesting to try linking songs through the repeated words/ideas to help figure out some of the more vague concepts. Below are lyrics (sometimes paraphrased) mashed together followed by plausible connections/meanings. 

    1. Were we born to fight and die, sacrificed by one huge lie? There's a day we will fight and not fall, we will stand and not crawl. Take the lives of those you need, but I'm not your Sacrifice. I won't crawl or fall for you.

    The fight and die would be the lie but may be the general humans vs. grimm struggle, with their deaths becoming a sacrifice somehow. The person doing the sacrificing is deliberately taking out kingpins needed for their plan, but the hunters/huntresses will not bow down and crawl before the ones using grimm to achieve their sacrifices. 

    2. Truth will rise, revealed by mirrored eyes. In time, your heart will open minds and victory is in a simple soul. Beware that the light is fading and beware if 'the dark' returns. Even brilliant lights can cease to burn. 

    The one revealing the plan will have mirrored eyes (i relate this to Ruby's grey eyes, but maybe it's Weiss revealing SDC secrets). In time her heart will open up the minds of the ones making sacrifices and make them see the wrongdoing of their ways and/or resolve the conflict. Also, take care that hope/humanity is fading, and especially so if the grimm return (to their borders, or more specifically like in the failed train incident). Even pillars of hope can be extinguished no matter how bright or safe they may seem. 

    I also like the idea of using the last part for Yang. Beware that her good side is fading, beware if the dark (Raven) returns. Even brilliant lights (Gold, I Burn) can cease to burn (she can be corrupted). 

    3. We are miracles of ancient wonder.

    Machines of war that fuel the fight.

    Our faith is in the ancient ways.

    Show the gods and deities what you are made of, and make the people bow down to your power.

    This may mean those with powers were created by an older generation to fight off the Grimm and were considered to be ‘miracles’ at the time, but they quickly became machines of war meant to fight not only the Grimm. Everyone blindly accepts the older generation’s ideals. As a 'miracle', they could be considered gods and deities, and have now turned on the generation who doesn't have their power, keeping them bowing down and also overthrowing those of equal standing. (Kind of like how Cinder seems to be trying to take out humanity as if to show Ozpin what she is capable of.)

    4. Legends are of Scatter (Summer/Ruby’s semblance), or are scattered.

    The moon will sadly watch the roses die


    Ruby:Moon, Yang:Sun

    The moon and sun were severed ( Ruby is represented as moon; think Summer, and Yang/Taiyang are represented as sun)


    Hope and peace are lost forever.

    Hate flowing caused the moon to shatter and raised the need for bloodshed.

    The moon has since watched safely from above.

    Suppose there is a legend about Scatter roaming around. Basically a destiny or fate behind it which falls under Ozpin’s you have grey eyes line (‘the one with grey eyes will wield Scatter and bring hope and peace to mankind’ or the sort). It would also give Cinder a reason to see Ruby as an equal enough to show herself and face off against her at the communcations tower. (Maybe the legend has Scatter ruining her plans.) Summer was the original one with scatter, and since her death has scattered herself. The moon (Summer) watching the roses die could refer to a rose wilting, which is not only how Adam's ability is portrayed, but is also the name of part of his weapon. When she died, the moon (Summer), and the sun (Taiyang) were severed from each other and hope and peace were considered to be lost forever. (The fated one is no longer among us.) Perhaps out of rage or hatred, a strong ability or weapon was unleashed, shattering the moon, which only caused more turmoil in and of itself. (Have fun thinking of Taiyang going berserk over the loss, Raven teleporting him to the moon, and having his punch of rage shatter it rather than Remnant). Since her death, Summer has watched over Ruby and Yang safely from above (heaven).

    Thoughts? Opinions? Blow your mind? Going too deep? See your own cross references you want to talk about? 

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    • Mind Blown. One simple thought: The shattered  moon is over Ruby, while the whole sun is right next to Yang. The fact that the moon is shattered and over Ruby could signify Summer's death(shatter) and detachment(over), and also her need to watch over Ruby, as she berates herself for leaving her. The sun is whole and next to Yang, meaning Taiyang is alive and with Yang.

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    • I feel like there is going to be a war, between 2 of the large countries. These could be the mirrored eyes, and the truth that rises could be the countries being manipulated into their war. "sacrificed by one huge lie" could refer to the dead soldiers who fought the wrong enemy, humanity. the "im not your sacrifice" could mean that the students at beacon refuse to join the fighting, or at least rwby and jnpr. This looks to me like a war between 2 manipulated countries who find out they are fighting eachother by the will of someone who wants all of humanity to die to grimm. this would fit with cinders plan to let grimm into vale, cinder tricks ironwood into attacking beacon or something, and with the 2 large human nations weakened, she lets grimm kill them off.

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    • Mr jello100 
      The slight problem is yang thinks her mother is either dead or never going to see her again just like ruby but also raven is alive but travels through portals but on summers gravestone it says thus kindly I scatter leading if you can find a Raven she might now where summer is. Also it did say Raven left her and never came back as well with summer so she is not dead. She is just hiding with raven in the red portal. Conclysion Ruby is living a lie that summers DED 

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    • ^......How old are you? Seriously?

      I'll just make things clear:

      1-Yang does not think that her mother is dead/never going to see her again. If she thought that, why the actual fuck would she be looking for her so persistently?

      2-"Thus Kindly I Scatter" does not mean that shit.

      3-Hiding in the red portal. Now, why, and how? We have no idea if it's like Portal's portals where Entering A makes you come out of B instantly and viceversa, or if it leads you to some kind of alternate dimension (which in itself, is very hard to believe that a Semblance could have that much power).

      4-Summer is dead, how many times do we and RT themselves including Monty have to say it?

      5-Improve your grammar and punctuation, seriously.

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    • TheRozenQueen wrote:

      2-"Thus Kindly I Scatter" does not mean that shit.

      Isn't it a quote from something, like a poem or..?

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    • I agree Summer is dead, but it is the manner in which she died that is important. 

      A lot of the songs are a theme of Sacrifice, (i.e Sacrifice from Volume 2, Divide Volume 3) Especially in Divide. Salem is says 'Sacrifice them for your needs'. I am unsure what it all means, just have to wait til volume 4. 

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    • This thread has expired, you know. been like 5 months since the last post, prior to Chuildofthemoon necro-ing yesterday.

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    • Then how do you explain the lyrics "Born an angel heaven sent Falls from grace are never elegant." This implys that the song is about a hero turned villain

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    • Necropost.

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    • How do you people find these threads

      BTW, can an admin seal this please

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    • lol this post refuses do die!! hahaha

      It shall not be silenced XD

      - Kyuubi10

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